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Hegwood Newsletter - October 2016
Welcome to this months addition of the Hegwood Electric Newsletter.  Our newsletter delivers a snap shot report for technology updates and industry news about Industrial Automation and Controls..and our role in all of it.  We hope this gives you some "mind candy" to think about and in particular your own applications and requirements.  If you want some more information on any particular subject and how we can assist,  please contact us .
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Yng Frank

Autumn is "supposedly" here. For us in Georgia, it's been a hot year with the temperatures still in the low 90's. Hopefully as we move closer to Halloween time, we can get a break.

To borrow a line from the late great comedian/producer Mel Brooks and Gene Wilder, "IT'S ALIVE!" "It" being our new MRP system from Exact. Hopefully as we continue to roll out the software, it won't be a horror story or a comedy, but will lead to helping us become more efficient and proactive for our customers. The Hegwood team (especially Donna) has been working very hard to bring the system on-line with little disruption. With that said, you will begin to see new designs in our correspondence, tighter production and inventory control, and much more. If there are issues that you see, please let us know and we'll work to correct them ASAP.
Do You Have the Classic Traits of a Great Engineer?

Rob Spiegel, Senior Editor, Automation & Motion Control, has this article in Design News. Along with the usual traits one would assume an engineer has such as Technical Knowledge, Good Problem-Solving Skills, and Mathematically Inclined, a Great Engineer also has the following traits:
  • Is a Team Player
  • Creative
  • Takes Part in Continuing Education
Or are these traits of Great Engineers? Did you know that many of the most famous engineers, scientist, and captains of industry were/are introverts? Just to name a few:
  • Albert Einstein
  • Bill Gates
  • Sir Isaac Newton
  • Larry Page
  • Elon Musk
  • Steve Wozniak
So what traits make an engineer? What traits make a Great Engineer?

I remember years ago, speaking with my college roommates father about his desire to get his PE (professional engineer) license. He owned his company and it would take him at least a year or two to achieve his goal. The following year at some gathering, I asked him how it was going towards his PE license. He said it had been taking too much time from the business at hand, but he now had five PE's working for him.

I mention this story, because here at Hegwood Electric we have engineers and only time will tell, but maybe some Great Engineers. We want to work for you! If you are in need of those traits listed above, let us assist you with your project. We can be Creative, we are Team Players, and we do take part in Continuing Education.

Link to the article here -  Do You Have the...  

How to troubleshoot and calibrate 4-20 mA

For a good refresher of basic Best Practices, Calibration, and Programming, Editor in Chief, Mike Bacidore was asked by a reader the following:

"A Control Design reader writes: We have several temperature, pressure and flow sensors on a new medical-device cleaning skid that we are developing. These instruments are connected to a PLC as 4-20 mA inputs, and there is also a 4-20 mA output used to control a pump motor speed. A recent failure of a flow sensor brought the process skid instrumentation to my company's quality manager's attention. He asked how we know that the temperatures, pressure and flow are accurate, and how do we know that we are cleaning properly.

I've been tasked to write a procedure for troubleshooting, calibrating and testing the 4-20 mA instruments on the skid. I can probably stumble through this, but what are some best practices for troubleshooting the analog circuits to the PLC; how do I calibrate the instruments; and how should I periodically test the devices? Should I add programming to the PLC and HMI to simplify these functions?"

Just one of the answers for Best Practices, Calibration and Programming answers can be found on the link below. There is a 22 page report that can be downloaded.

Here at Hegwood Electric, we have calibration tools, test instruments, and more to assist us in the design and fabrication of our control panels. If you need assistance in these areas, let us know and we'd be glad to help.

Link to the article is here - How to troubleshoot and calibrate 4-20mA


For fun, with a little time, and for those with an interest in Halloween props, this is a neat Halloween site. They have props, pneumatics, controllers, and much more.

Have a fabulous fright night!

I'll end this newsletter with a scary Halloween story.

One dark, windy night, just outside Doncaster in Yorkshire, England, Neil, the town drunk was meandering his way home after the pub had closed. Somehow Neil got turned around and ended up walking through the graveyard in St Mary's church instead of taking the Tadcaster road home.

The wind howled louder and Neil thought he could hear a voice calling his name. Suddenly, the ground opened up in front of him, and he fell down, down into an open grave. He could still hear the voice clearer and louder now, calling to him. Neil knew it was Satan , coming for him just like the vicar had said, on account of him being the town drunk.

The hole was very deep and inside it was pitch black. His eyes adjusted to the darkness and after a few moments, and he made out a form sitting in the darkness with him. It called his name, and he scrambled away in fear, trying to climb out of that terrible grave. Then the figure spoke to him, 'You can't get out,' it moaned.

Neil gave a shout of pure terror and leapt straight up in the air, caught the edge of the hole in his hands, and scrambling out for his very life, he ran for home as fast as he could go.

Inside the open grave, his neighbour Tony sighed in resignation. He, too, had fallen into the hole a few minutes before his friend and had thought that together they might help each other climb out.  Now he was going to have to wait until morning and get the gravedigger to bring him a ladder.

I hope you have found this newsletter informative and entertaining. If you have any interest in our products or Hegwood Electric services, please let us know.



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