As summer comes to an end, the next couple months will be busy with kids heading back to school. The normal back to school jitters are common for many, but can be especially difficult for kids who have kidney disease. It can be hard enough adjusting to new teachers, new friends…maybe a new school or virtual school? But doing so while managing a chronic illness can leave kids feeling frustrated or that they don’t belong…and this can leave parents, caregivers and family members wondering how they can help and show their child just how special and amazing they are! (Photo: AAKP Ambassador Clinton Moore and son Chandler. Chandler has cystinosis, a rare disease where amino acids build up in various tissues and organs but most commonly in kidneys and eyes.)

This is why AAKP launched its Pediatric Kidney Pals initiative - to help those kids, teens, parents and family members cope with the ups and downs living with kidney disease can cause. The kick-off to this new program is the bi-monthly Pediatric Kidney Pals e-newsletter. With a subscription list that grows daily, AAKP is on track to provide parents with the latest news, information and articles that pertain to this specific patient population. Patient spotlights and fun, kidney-friendly recipes from the AAKP Delicious! recipe program are regularly featured.

Just like kids, AAKP has BIG dreams for its Pediatric Kidney Pals initiative! And with YOUR help we can make our dreams come true and help those who need us the most. By making a tax deductible donation to AAKP today, your gift will help AAKP create new programs and resources designed for the pediatric population and their families such as HealthLine webinars , Pediatric and Caregiver sessions at the 2019 National Patient Meeting and educational materials that are kid-friendly to help them understand what is happening in their body.

Any amount helps, please consider donating today!

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