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Sorry Halloween, Christmas is coming!
My birthday is Halloween so I have always been sensitive to Christmas decorations going up too early.
Jack Skellington is my hero.
This year is different though and it is difficult to say what Christmas shopping will be like. We are working through shortages, delayed products, and other products that have just disappeared. Even the company that made the Toy Hall of Fame Slinky has gone out of business. (They sold Slinky to another company so we hope to see it back.)
Don't wait too long. We are stocking up the best we can. We also have:
  • Christmas gel pens and erasers for stocking stuffers
  • Christmas trains and freight cars from Lionel
  • Christmas Advent Calendars from LEGO
  • Christmas paper for free gift wrapping
  • And of course the Fundemonium Gift Registry to make sure you get the Perfect Present

Prepare for the Holidays early this year.
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Christmas gel pens and erasers
Ravensburger Christmas Puzzles
Mini-Q RC Day Camp
Saturday, October 24th, 1:00pm - 4:00pm, $99
Last chance to sign up. Only 1 spot left!
Build a Hobby Quality Remote Control 1/24 Scale Car and Take it Home!
Do you want to build an RC car but don't have the time for a long build?

Come to our 3-Hour Build and Race camp.

You get an RC car worth over $70 and you know how to fix it and keep it running.

Space is limited and special Covid precautions apply.

New Arrivals at Fundemonium!
New Games Workshop Necrons

We have a new wave of releases for Games Workshop. Choose from the new Necron Warriors, Skorpekh Destroyers, and Hexmark Destroyer.
Did you miss the Doomstalker on its initial release? Worry not, more have come in!
Ravensburger Restock

We have restocks of many Ravensburger favorites as well as some new designs.

  • Puzzles with kittens and puppies
  • Landscapes and nature scenes
  • Christmas!
Perfect Gundam

We are constantly bringing in fresh Gundam model kits. This week featured three new Perfect Grade models!

Hurry, perfection does not last long!
New Games!

Gorilla Marketing
The advertising life isn't easy, even less so when you've thrown out your executives in favor of primates. It's a parlour game of naming ridiculous things based on acronyms. Come up with the best tag line and earn enough bananas to be crowned the best advertising exec in the agency!
Revisit Epic Spell Wars with their biggest set yet It's an all-out battle for death in this crudely humored deck-building game.

El Maestro
As the Maestro, you draw a picture which only you can see! Draw in the air for your fellow players, and watch as they replicate your motions on paper and try to guess what you've drawn!
Help Us Celebrate!
October 31st, 10:00am - 6:00pm
October is a very special month at Fundemonium. This Halloween we are celebrating:
  • 6 years in Rohnert Park!
  • 16 years in business!
  • Steve turns 60 on Halloween!
  • Halloween with a full moon on a Saturday has not happened since 1925 (95 years ago).
  • It is the 5th Saturday of the month!
Join us for some special fun:
  • Guess the Number of Candies in a Jar from Oct. 25th to Oct. 31st. We will have a jar of candy on the counter and will post a picture on Instagram. Comment with your guess on our Instagram photo for a chance to win a $31 Gift Card.
  • Halloween Costume Contest from Oct. 25th to Oct. 31st. Come to Fundemonium to snap a selfie and post it to Instagram or Facebook with the tag #SpookyFundemonium for a chance to win a $31 gift card.
  • Halloween Candy on Oct. 31st. Visit Fundemonium and get a treat.
  • Steve's Birthday Give-Away on Oct. 31st. For every $31 you purchase on Oct. 31st you will receive one raffle ticket to win one of 6 Gift Cards for $60 each.
  • Halloween Basket Sale on Oct. 31st. Halloween is the 5th Saturday of the month, that means you can fill one of our baskets with fun items and everything in the basket is 20% Off. (Watch a video of how the basket sale works.)

More details in next week's newsletter!
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Steven and Jean Elliott