For this week of our month-long celebration of Animal Spirits,
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Buffalo Pendants

The buffalo represents abundance, and encourages you to act with respect and honor. All buffalo pendants on sale.
Tumbled Septarian

This stone enhances your ability to communicate clearly, and to be more easily understood. A nurturing stone.
Animal Speak

The best-selling guide by Ted Andrews is for anyone wishing to forge a spiritual connection with the majesty and mystery of the animal world.
Buffalo Spirit Guardian Card

A beautiful example of Nature Spirit Photography by Atala Toy, this image represents the Buffalo, the Great Spirit, whose energy guides those who are willing to connect.
Medicine Cards

An advanced tool for achieving personal growth and balanced living, these cards will teach you the meaning of animal signs in your daily life.
Aventurine Enlightenment Bracelet

Get closer to nature by wearing this Aventurine bracelet. It will increase your creativity and confidence. Aids courage.
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