It's April 1st, but it's no joke: today is Census Day!
It's a once-a-decade event that has implications for hundreds of billions of dollars in critical funding, determines our government representation and so much more. Taking part in the census is critical--and luckily, completing it couldn't be easier. Just ask Diana Lennon, our Head of Adult Services!
As of today, the response rate for Ossining is 38%--which is the same as the national rate ( click here to see a map of response rates , if you're a fan of statistics)! Make sure you and your family are added to that count by completing the census.
The census contains 10 simple questions about you and your household:
  • Whether you own or rent
  • How many people live in your home
  • Who lives there and their relationship to you
  • Each person's name, sex, birth date, and race/origin
  • Your phone number
Visit the Westchester Counts website to learn more about why the census matters, and for a list of resources including information about privacy and data protection , and a list of census phone numbers by language .

There are also resources for kids to learn more about the census! "We Count" has a free ebook about what the census is and what it means, and offers free PDFs, including coloring pages (in case you need an activity for your little ones to do right now!).