Not Your Usual Caricature Artist
July 7, 2020

It's hot as you-know-what here in the Carolinas, but here's your chance to beat the heat with our special "Christmas in July" offer...

Welcome to the
July issue
Not Your Usual Caricature Artist
Caricatures by Joel

Would you like a FREE caricature,
by yours truly?

All you have to do is go to our website,
and count the number of VIDEOS throughout the site.

The first three correct answers that are mailed back to...

...will receive a FREE black & white caricature head of themselves, or the single individual of their choice -- i.e. spouse, child, parent, grandparent, best friend, colleague, boss, whomever.

(Continue below.)
Participants must e-mail back their answer no later than by end-of-day July 14 to qualify for their FREE caricature.

The three winners will be notified by e-mail, and they'll simply be asked to send back a good(!), recent jpg(s) of the individual to be drawn, by yours truly.

The final, original art will either be mailed...or hand delivered (if they're in the Charlotte area), free of charge .

The black & white drawing of the individual's head will look something like one of these pictured on this page.

(Except that individual won't have to be physically present to be drawn. )

Good luck...and a mid-Summer's Merry Christmas to you!
See you the first Tuesday of next month for another
seasonal take on caricatures with
Not Your Usual Caricature Artist from
Caricatures by Joel.

And in the meantime, wishing us all good health,
peace of mind and the wisdom and fortitude to,
as best as can be expected,
stay above the fray.

Joel Kweskin