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Frequency forms the foundation of receiving and unlocking all the gifts of our pure Essence nature ... so our lifestyle is key!
Hello everyone,

As I go deeper into filming and receiving data for our latest online course on the Alchemy of Health and Healing - that I know so many of you are waiting for - all I find myself saying and thinking is ...

It's complicated ... and yet ... there is quantum benevolence that seems to ensure we always receive what we need when we need it ... and as this intelligence is everywhere and pulsating through and around us, we can relax more and trust that all will come to us all as required ... whether it be a pause in a busy flow of life through being grounded from travel or in some type of lock-down, I prefer to see it all as just another opportunity to play in a different way in our lives on Earth!

While I am so grateful for this extended time period of being off the road, where I can research and study and bring myself up to date with the latest findings on human health ... all I keep feeling as I study more is that it is complicated ...

It's complicated because we are all such unique systems of energy and so our journeys back into that state of health on all levels are also so unique as is the wisdom that we gain through this deep immersion we have all had by living in duality!

So for those of you whose time zones don't match some of our interviews, you can enjoy it all now here - Free Online Global Events - in this section we will be posting videos and meditations plus audios of our free Global events that we hold from time to time via Zoom gatherings and in other ways. You will also find mp3 audios of the incredibly insightful Light Being messages from our YouTube videos that you can download and listen to any time that suits you! Also there, is our recent Zoom meeting with Dr Edith Ubuntu Chan where we share various Global Insights in response to many questions for the gathering. Also see Global Upgrade Meditation plus Light Being Message with Jasmuheen that follows this as Part 2 of Global Insights - at this link.

Also you may enjoy our recent podcast discussions and more Source feeding focused insights with the wonderful men from Alfa Vedic at this link. The audio of this is available for download from our Free Online Global Events.

Recently I discovered the work of Dr Zack Bush who has one of the best insights into microbiology and viruses and more and on what Mother Nature is offering via viral updates - yet his statistics on health and also solutions for becoming healthier as a people and as a planet are well worth absorbing so we trust you will enjoy the video links below - we know the videos are long but they are jam packed with great information!!

As many of you know, we have created a Corona Wisdom YouTube playlist and so we have placed some of his findings there yet his research offers so much more including answers to why some people have a hard time transitioning into Source Feeding which is due to their microbiome being out of balance which we have long noticed during our darkroom retreats especially over the last 5 years!

According to research at the University of Washington, "The microbiome is the genetic material of all the microbes - bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viruses - that live on and inside the human body. The number of genes in all the microbes in one person's microbiome is 200 times the number of genes in the human genome. The microbiome may weigh as much as five pounds."

Our microbiome forms 90% of who we are and our human self is just 10%! It also determines serotonin levels, talks constantly to and programs the brain which operates more as a CPU or central processing unit and it also determines our physical health and dis-ease levels ... when our microbiome is out of balance we see so many levels of dis-ease including obesity, diabetes, cancer, depression and feelings of loneliness.

In fact as many of you already know, our gut health - our microbiome - determines much of our physical health and also people's general dis-ease patterns, yet even this is just one small aspect of health for we also have our mental health and its effect on our emotional health and stress levels which then effects our physical health.

As we all now know, our perceptions always trigger emotional responses of some sort - when we see the bigger picture we tend to stay relaxed, at peace and calm, when we dive too deep into social media and general medias holographic realms, we then tend to feel more concerned regarding life on Earth today ...

Then we have the lack of experiential awareness of our core Essence nature so that there is no clear master of the complete bio-system which - lacking clear mastery and direction from our unawakened state - tends to send out more random signalling through the Unified Field which results in a more random based experience of life as is the way of the Universal Law of Resonance.

Now more that ever we need to be both mentally and emotionally stable and anchored in and operating from our core Essence nature ... we achieve this anchoring through our lifestyle and so it is wonderful to have our online Luscious Lifestyle Program available now! (See link for this below.)

On a nourishment level, Source feeding is so simple compared to the complication of bringing then keeping the human bio-system into a state of health on all levels via other methods as Source Energy, when strong enough, naturally revitalises and recalibrates the complete system including our microbiology signalling!

Yet for those not interested in being so extreme, we also have other methodology for bio-system harmony ... and as unique beings, we all find our way into that as our hearts and minds seek to be in this more harmonious state.

Still our programs at the Embassy of Peace can also help to facilitate this as well so you can see more on these below ...

So please enjoy wonderful quotes below and also links to amazing videos including the fun beatbox guys!!

Biggest hugs to you all - Jasmuheen and Anjie

The incredible human voice - Beatbox videos - two very different examples below ...
A triple board certified physician, master healer & consciousness, Zach Bush, MD is the founder and director of M Clinic, an integrative medicine center in Charlottesville, Virginia and simply put, one of the most compelling medical minds currently working to improve our understanding of human and environmental health. Just google his name and you will find so much!

Bringing Earth back to a garden of Eden-type state plus health statistics and so much more regarding food production, GMO's and also the impact of all of this on our health plus more!
Ascension - excerpt from In Resonance
           Ascension is simply a name given to building the light quotient within – merging with our true nature. There are no rules, only guidance from the Inner Teacher (our core Essence nature) as to what is right for us alone. It is our journey. No one knows the way like we do, for our path is not new – just forgotten.
           Ascension can also be described as raising the vibrational frequencies of our energy fields to the highest octaves of light in perfect resonance with our Higher Self, God essence or the pure energy source that sustains us. In Eastern philosophy it is described as the state of ‘soruba samadhi’ where divinity descends and transforms the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies into perfection – where we can enter and leave the body at will and control the ageing/youthing process as well as rearrange our molecular structure via dematerialization etc. The beings that choose this state of ascension and subsequent immortality do so in order to be of continual service to humanity – as they have escaped the cycle of life and death and have gained ‘supernatural’ powers.
           The Siddhas (holy immortal men) used the science of Kriya Yoga to rejuvenate the physical body and gain self-mastery. They slowed down the ageing process through the use of mineral, herb and salt formulas. They also practiced Kriya Yoga and specific breathing techniques, which maximized the intake of prana and aided in the control of longevity. When their ‘role’ was complete they would leave the physical body at will and move on to serve in other planes, or take their physical body up into light.
           No longer are these things available to just the select few. Nor are we required to sit in a cave for 50 years and meditate to achieve this state of perfection. As both the vibrational frequencies of the planet and humanity are raised, these ‘supernatural’ powers will become commonplace.
Annalee Skarin writes in her book, Ye Are Gods: “Learn to control vibrations by controlling thoughts and you will hold the keys of Eternal Life in your hands. The eternal energy surging through all matter, the power of existence in atoms with their whirling molecules and electrons in all earthly substance is nothing more or less than vibrations condensed to the point of slow, heavy, mortal tangibility. Control the vibrations and the power to control substance and material energy will eventually be given, that is the keys to handling Eternal Life, for energy is life, and life and light and love and energy are the eternal elements and are vibrations created by mental thinking.
           “Every thought sent forth is a never-ending vibration winging its way across the universe to bring us back just what we sent forth. We can control the vibrations that emanate from us – and we can thereby control our destinies. Thus science and religion can at last join hands and step into the spiritual realms of eternal progress and happiness together.” 
           Further, Dr Norma Milanovich explains in We the Arcturians: “We discovered that the frequency at which a being vibrates is directly related to the command it has over its thoughts, words and emotions. When a being vibrates at a lower frequency, it permits many other forms of energies to mix and mingle with its pool of energy and its cycles. When this happens, the thoughts have a tendency to get confused which causes a being to experience frustration. In this state of BEingness, one who is operating at this frequency can get very discouraged and depressed, which in turn has the tendency to keep the vibratory level at a constant lower level.
           “When one increases one’s frequency to that of the speed of light, then the mastery of the process begins. This means that the being now has access to more information in the universal consciousness ... that being ... can dictate what will or will not come through the filter ... In this transformation process, the being becomes centered and the energy patterns are more ordered, holistic and harmonized.
           “When we are centered, we access the universal code and when we tap into this frequency, we understand another’s frequency patterns too. That is, again, because we are one. In the Oneness of this existence we are able to transmit and receive messages; and more importantly, we can become the sender and receiver of messages in perfect understanding.”
           In the text Revelation from an Archangel – Ascension to the Twelfth Dimension, Archangel Ariel states: “Matter, as you know it from the third dimension, is densification of light ... When you have a process of densification such as your universe, you reach a point when it has gone to maximum separation from the purest form of light. At that point of maximum separation, a shift occurs, and the planet begins to reverse its process and start on what we would term a homeward route i.e. back to the one point.” Each time a planet ascends it changes its vibratory rate to be less dense and lighter and it undergoes this process in its own unique way.

Right now we have a planetary ascension that is stimulating
individual ascension which in turn is supporting the strengthening
of a universal ascension paradigm ...
how people and planets ascend is covered in our new
Freedom Matrix book ...
The Freedom Matrix book is now available at this link! See more below ...

In this 8th book on the fascinating topic of human potential and Source Feeding, Jasmuheen's 44th book goes into the automatic writing process to bring through many messages from the Light Beings from the Unified realms and how they used Source Feeding to ascend their civilisations and planetary systems out of the zone of duality and into the matrix of freedom, an energy web that permeates all life.
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Our Luscious Lifestyle Program - now launched and ready!
A brief visual insight into a lifestyle for health, happiness and harmony that is designed to aid in the elimination all suffering in our world!
A lifestyle to boost our immune systems and to lock us deeper into the zone of peace! A lifestyle for self-knowledge and self-mastery ...
A lifestyle for Source Feeding preparation! A lifestyle designed by 7 powerful, loving, wise beings that can anchor all who are ready deep in the zone of harmonious coexistence.

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The Alchemy of Source Feeding .... now available ... and thanks for all of your positive feedback!
This is a course like no other as 70 Beings of Light from the Unified Realms share the methodology that they used to eliminate all health and hunger issues in their Earth-type worlds.
This is a program of ascension where we maximize the flow of our vital life force - until we have no more physical, emotional, mental and spiritual hungers!
This data is brand new to Earth and will be based around her new book - The Freedom Matrix - Being Source Fed.

Online Course - The Alchemy of Health and Healing on all levels
This powerful and pragmatic course will cover:-
How to be healthy on all levels of our being.
Spontaneous Healing - requirements and triggers
Activating and working with the Inner Healer Alchemist for self healing and rebalancing when required.
The preventative medicine lifestyle. Being physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually healthy and whole with great life quality.
The Game of Immortality plus the Lightbody Matrix of Perfected Health and how to trigger it. Personal and global health and being completely dis-ease free!
A few insights into our online courses plus more details regarding our Contact Course - what these courses offer and are designed to achieve.

Link to register for more data on our Contact Course and be informed when it is launched - https://jasmuheen.podia.com/online-course-the-alchemy-of-contact

with the introductory videos on some of the courses so far.

Stay tuned for more introductory videos on our other courses!!
May we all keep learning and sharing that which uplifts us all!