Betting on Decentralized Prediction Markets
The market is betting on crypto assets backed by blockchain for prediction modeling.
Instead of having a bookie, a casino, or site that is run by a company, the emerging decentralized predictions and gambling markets are run by software code and smart contracts.
Powered by crypto assets and secured by a blockchain, they provide 100% transparency and guaranteed payouts instantaneously upon resolution. 
Decentralized prediction and gambling markets operate at a fraction of the cost of existing organizations, which makes payouts higher for bettors.
Two of the early leaders in this category are Augur (token: REP) and Gnosis (token: GNO), which offers a the Omen marketplace. Both of these have been in the works for years and both have launched new versions in the last few weeks.
Since then, they’ve captured about $1 million worth of bets and predictions on topics ranging from sports, book publication dates, political outcomes (Trump vs. Biden), Covid-19 reponse timelines, and prices of crypto assets in the futura.  
That’s not a lot…today, however, we’re expecting these decentralized markets to grow rapidly into the billions and, eventually, trillions. Ultimately, they will disintermediate the existing market.

For more about the emerging decentralized markets and the crypto assets that power them, see the latest Crypto Futura Fund Investor presentation or visit the website.

Co-Chief Investment Officer, Crypto Futura Fund
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