Market Musing of the Week
There's a big cut coming in crypto.
Hope You are Halvening Yourself a Nice Day
The 3 rd ever “Halvening” of the Bitcoin block reward will happen on Monday, May 11 th
What that means in practice is that the leading crypto asset will through a “Quantitative Hardening.” The daily issuance of new coins created will be reduced by 50%.
And here’s something else….
The rate of daily new coin issuance will not change for the next 4 years, when it will get reduced again, by a further 50%.
All of this is known and enforced by software code guaranteed and backed by the world’s most secure network, the Bitcoin blockchain.
By the way, historically “halvenings” are catalysts for significant bull runs. 
Past performance disclaimer.
Now, let’s compare this to the Federal Reserve and other central banks….
  • No one knows how many dollars there will be in 4 years.
  • No one knows what the inflation rate of the money supply will be between now and then.
  • No one knows the timing for when new dollars may be introduced into the system.
What is the Investment Opportunity of Crypto Assets?
In response to the increased interest in the Crypto Futura Fund (up 25% in April, 8% YTD), we’ve updated the Investor Overview (PDF).

Jeremy Epstein
Co-Chief Investment Officer, Crypto Futura Fund