“Worse than being less than you, is if you are perceived as a threat”
- john a. powell

Day 6: Addressing Our Internal Biases
Recognizing privilege and the ways white people have benefited from racism is a critical step in working toward an equitable, fair and just society.

We all have bias, but often, we are not aware of the biases that we subconsciously hold. Research shows that years of structural and cultural constructs have deeply embedded stereotypes into our culture, and consequently into our own subconscious. For example, according to a recent study, companies are more than twice as likely to call minority applicants for interviews if they submit whitened resumes than candidates who reveal their race.

Research also shows that we can actively rewire these neural associations by being more intentional about acknowledging our biases. Today’s focus is on personal reflection - taking the time to uncover some of our own biases, as well as reflecting on how we take control of these unconscious constructs.

*Implicit Bias Test* (approximately 12 minutes)
Take the “Race IAT” test from Harvard University to learn what your own implicit biases may be, and what they can mean.

Speak Up Handbook (1-3 minutes/topic)
Read one or more of the compelling personal stories featured in the Speak Up Handbook by the Southern Poverty Law Center. We would like to point you to page 47, titled "What Can I do About My Own Bias?", but feel free to use the table of contents on page 2 to explore other topics that interest you.

Confronting Implicit Bias (6 minute read)
Check out this presentation from Change Works for nine tactics to ensure your actions line up with your intentions.
What Would You Do?: Bicycle Thief Episode (12:12)
From ABC’s popular show What Would You Do, this episode explores the impact of racial and gender bias and prejudice at a family friendly park. Before this video, would you have anticipated this differential treatment?

It’s About Time We Challenge our Unconscious Biases (15:41)
Watch this video to listen to a call to action from Juliette Powell, a highly accomplished entrepreneur, community catalyst, and author, as she discusses the need to challenge our unconscious biases.

Reflect on your life experiences, your childhood and family upbringing; toys you played with; the neighborhoods in which you’ve lived; elements of your career path; media messages; your family and peer networks; etc. How might these experiences have shaped your biases, with or without your conscious awareness?
Encourage your friends and family to take one of the Implicit Bias tests and share the video from today’s challenge by sharing on your social media. Don’t forget to use the hashtags #unitedforequity and #ABequitychallenge

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