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You don't need a snowmobile to support the Ride-in 
The 45th annual Dysart’s Snowmobile Ride-in and Q106.5 Egg Ride to benefit Pine Tree Camp will take place on Saturday, February 3.  Bright and early that morning Pine Tree Camp Director Dawn Willard-Robinson and longtime camper parent, Amy Judson and a team of riders from Q106.5 will snowmobile from Levant to Newport…but there’s a catch: for every $50 raised, each rider will carry a raw egg in their snowmobile suits. 

Here’s how you can help make their ride “egg”cellent and maximize the support for Pine Tree Camp:

  • Help us spread the word by forwarding this email to your contacts. 

  • Like Pine Tree Camp on Facebook and share our posts with your friends. It is so easy!

  • Join us for the all-you-can-eat benefit breakfast and/or the pulled pork and haddock chowder benefit luncheon on Feb. 3! Find the details by clicking the button at the bottom of this article.

Thank you in advance for your support of the 45th annual Dysart’s Snowmobile Ride-in and Q106.5 Egg Ride to benefit Pine Tree Camp. All funds raised will go directly to paying tuition for campers during the 2018 season so that everyone who can benefit from the experience can go regardless of their ability to pay tuition. It’s initiatives like this that help ensure that Pine Tree Camp’s Open Door Policy remains steadfast.
Positive change in her life
“Change is very difficult for her,” said Sarah’s mother, Karen. “Whenever she’s presented with change, she says ‘No, no, no.’ Anything out of her usual routine makes her off-kilter.”

Sarah is 17 and in her senior year of high school. Last year was her first time at Pine Tree Camp and, when her mom dropped her off, she wondered how she’d do. This year when she left, Sarah was already talking with a counselor.
Events like the Snowmobile Ride-in and the Egg Ride are critical to providing funds to help campers like Sarah attend Pine Tree Camp each summer.  We are so thankful to the sponsors, donors, volunteers and supporters who help make it all happen.


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