Have you started an Emergency Fund yet?
Of all the years to recognize Emergency Preparedness Month, 2020 seems the most fitting. This year has thrown a lot at us and it’s important to remember how quickly life can change. A few weeks become a few months and, if you’re part of the more than 13 million Americans on unemployment right now, you’re feeling the pressure.

All told, more than 30 million Americans have lost some or all of their income because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now more than ever people are realizing the importance of emergency funds. They aren’t just for natural disasters, they’re largely to protect yourself and your family for whatever unforeseen circumstance comes your way. Unfortunately, nearly ¼ of Americans can’t afford a $100 emergency in cash, let alone a month’s worth of expenses or six months of expenses.

Even if you’re more strapped than ever, there are some simple ways to build that initial emergency nest egg. Saving $1000 might feel like a big endeavor, but it’s just a recommended goal. How you get there is up to you and your individual financial situation.

Set it and forget it

Something is always better than nothing. Even if you can’t dedicate large amounts to set aside, try to put something in each week. Even $5 a week turns into $20 which, over the course of a year, becomes $260. No matter what amount you start with, you’ll have something set aside which can come in handy.

If you’re looking for a safe place to save up and are interested in some interest growth, you could start or transfer a savings account with FNB. A savings account with FNB is easy to use and has an automatic direct deposit function. So, you can set weekly or monthly deposit goals and change them whenever. If you find yourself making a little more money or squirreling away a little extra, you can deposit it into your savings account for safe keeping. 
Have you used Zelle® yet?
Sending money to people is easy with Zelle. Now you can split the bill with friends or send money to the dog walker fast. #HowMoneyMoves
Voice phishing, or “Vishing”, is a phishing attack conducted by phone. This is a classic tactic that bad guys typically use to collect your credit card or financial data, along with other personal information. Here’s an example: You receive a call from someone claiming to be a customer service representative for a specific retailer.

They say your order could not be processed because your credit card was declined. But not to worry! They are happy to help correct the issue. The caller claims that they need your credit card number, expiration date, and code on the back.

While this scheme is simple, it is also surprisingly effective. The bad guys catch victims off-guard with a pressing issue, like a declined payment. The victim is then relieved when the scammers offer an easy and immediate solution. If you don't take the time to stop and think about the situation, you could give away your personal data before you realize what is really happening.

Remember to stop, think, and follow these tips:
  • Don’t trust the caller ID. Phone numbers can be spoofed to look like a familiar or safe caller.
  • Never provide personal information over the phone, unless you are the one who initiated the call.
  • If you receive a suspicious phone call, hang up, and use the company's official phone number to call them directly.
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