February 2016
Dear Friends,  
While we may not have gotten any snow until Jonas wreaked his fury at the end of the month, January started with a veritable avalanche of politics and policy.  The coming months in both Albany and at City Hall are going to be nonstop - with an intense focus on the FY16-17 budgets (see below) - so get those budget proposals together asap, schedule your presser on the City Hall steps and book your Tuesday Amtrak tickets to Albany.  

In the meantime, please enjoy the Nosh.

Warm regards, 

Joni A Yoswein

P.S. If this is the first time you're seeing the YNY Monthly Nosh, make sure to check out last month's edition here.
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FY 2017 NY State Budget...What's Your Take?
There's an old saying that you are entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts.  Well, when it comes to the state budget, the reality is that "the facts" become open for interpretation and everyone offers their own analysis and spin.  

Here's Governor Cuomo's FY 2017 Executive Budget, accompanied by the legislative analysis provided by the New York State Senate Majority Finance's  White Book and the New York State Assembly Ways and Means Committee's Yellow Book.  Beyond these "official" takes on the Governor's budget, you can also check out The Business Council of New York State's initial analysis, the Citizens Budget Commission's budget report card , or even the New York State Association of Counties' budget summary (because let's face it, Chautauqua County deserves its shot at the spotlight too, right?).  

$200 A Night Airbnb Igloo in Brooklyn... $300 Teepee Rental in Carroll Gardens Back Yard Coming This Spring?
You've gotta love Brooklyn.  And while we got quite a chuckle from this short-lived Airbnb igloo listing, it's pretty clear that it's only a matter of time until folks are going to start pitching tents in their backyards across the borough and marketing them as "one-of-a-kind urban/rural retreats."  

"Betcha didn't know..." with Joe Faraldo
A periodic Q & A with YNY clients about interesting (and occasionally obscure) facts we bet you weren't aware of

"Betcha didn't know that Parisians are absolutely crazy about harness racing and that the French love watching races online from Yonkers," says Joe Faraldo, President of the Standardbred Owners of New York, the trade group representing harness horsemen, trainers, drivers, etc. in NYS. 
Q:  OK, we're intrigued.  Why are Parisians spending their hard earned euros betting on races from Yonkers?
A:  The French actually have a long history of harness racing in their country and we decided to try to tap into their interest in the sport by moving around the times of our races at Yonkers, increasing the distance of our races and delivering our product in prime time in Paris.  We set up the first-ever continuous European simulcasting deal and they absolutely flocked to bet on our races because the quality of the horses is so incredibly high at Yonkers (thanks to the state's video lottery terminal program).  We're now generating millions of dollars in new wagering revenue that our previously struggling NY harness industry would never have seen before.
Q:  And is there a benefit for New Yorkers?
A:  The best part is that a percentage of every euro wagered in France goes right back into New York State education funding and support for the racing industry - and the New York State economy - and creates new agriculture jobs and major, major economic benefits.
Q:  So where's the next big growth opportunity around the world for Yonkers and NYS harness racing?
A:  Along with the European countries we are now simulcasting to, we've developed some really fruitful relationships in Australia and New Zealand.  They're even crazier for our NYS racing than the French and their per-capita wagering numbers are pretty staggering. 
Q:  Final question - Do I have to be in Sydney or Paris to watch these races online or can I do it from Brooklyn?
A:  Go to www.yonkersraceway.com, click on "racing" and you'll be able to learn how to watch races from Yonkers all year round (or go to www.empirecitybets.com to wager).

You might have missed this...
The funniest satirical headline of the month comes from  The New Yorker magazine Fact Checker at Republican Debate Hospitalized for Exhaustion .

But don't miss this.... 
Looking for an interesting new spot to get a nosh this weekend?  Head to Industry City in Sunset Park for Smorgasburg and the Brooklyn Flea!  Sunset Park is now the winter home for the legendary Smorgasburg and Brooklyn Flea.  The 50,000 square   foot space in easily- accessible Industry City (36th Street stop on the D, N o r R) is home to 40 food purveyors and 100 vendors from the Flea selling  furniture, housewares, vintage clothing, antiques + collectibles and more.

Industry City is also providing a boost for hyper-local businesses with a recurring Sunset Park Community  Market pop up, providing neighborhood restaurants and other vendors with free space to raise their profiles and build their biz.  Check out  Industry City's website for event details and to learn more about how Industry City is becoming New York's leader in job creation and the innovation economy.
Kvell of the Month: The Brooklyn Public Library!
  YNY is incredibly proud to have been part of the Brooklyn Public Library team that worked collaboratively with Councilmember Steve Levin and numerous community stakeholders to help make the recently-approved Brooklyn Heights Library redevelopment project such a win-win-win proposal.  

We've often said that thoughtful and inclusive development in New York City should be tough...that communities should be actively involved...and that projects can get better through meaningful stakeholder dialogue and input.  The new Brooklyn Heights Library is a case study for how the process can, and should, work and again we couldn't be prouder.
Kvetch of the Month: getting to/from the train station in Albany (or not)
Looking to grab a Lyft or Uber to get from the Albany Amtrak station over to the Capitol cheaply and conveniently?  Don't bother - they're not allowed in Albany (or the rest of the state outside of NYC for that matter).  So as you climb into that old, broken down van with 7 other lobby day participants, think about maybe mentioning it to those Assembly Members and Senators you are about to see. 

On December 16, 2015, Joni's mother, Martha "Mushy" Maxine Newman Yoswein, passed away at the age of 92.  

She lived a wonderfully full life and those fortunate enough to have spent time with her know that she did so with a razor sharp wit and incredible compassion and warmth.  Martha touched everyone with her strength and love of life and will be remembered for her kindness, honesty and positive outlook on life.  May she rest in peace.

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