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Birdie Fundamentals: Pre-Shot Routine

Most Professional Golfers take their time before hitting a shot. The reason is simple, but the details are complex. Really good golfers analyze all aspects of the shot they are facing. These include distance, club selection, wind, lie, slope of the green, and more. While it may seem like a lot to think about, these guys have seen it all thousands of times before, so their thought process is pretty quick.

Another reason for a pre-shot routine is to get into a rhythm. If you're constantly changing how fast you play and what you do before each shot, you tend to become inconsistent. Think of other sports like bowling or tennis. Players try to repeat the same routine before each attempt in order to get "in the zone" or "find a groove."

The same is true for golf. Take some extra time before the shot, but be sure to do the same thing every time.
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Birdie Yardage Book Lesson #17
Reachable Goals

There are four guidelines for setting Reachable Goals. Use these to improve your outcomes:

--Set Goals that are Positive--
A person who sets negative goals is likely to achieve them.

--Goals must be important to you--
Chasing other people's goals is a road to nowhere.

--Use specific goals--
Vague goals such as "I want to hit the ball farther" are not measurable. How much farther?

--Goals must be under your control--
Outcome-based goals are not under your control. Instead of saying "I want to win the tournament," your goal could be something like "I want to keep my composure in all situations." A group of miniature goals will add up to a larger dream.

Have you seen the rule changes for next year? There are some big differences coming up...

2019 Rule: Under Rule 7.4, if a player accidentally moves his or her ball while searching for it:

The player will get no penalty for causing it to move, and The ball will always be replaced; if the exact spot is not known, the player will replace the ball on the estimated original spot (including on, under or against any attached natural or man-made objects which the ball had been at rest under or against).

Reasons for Change:

A fundamental principle of golf is to play the ball as it lies; so the Rules should help the player to find his or her ball and play it from the spot where it was at rest.

Players often need to probe in grass, bushes, leaves and other conditions to look for a hidden ball, and such reasonable acts create an inherent risk of moving the ball.

The current Rules allow both an opponent in match play, and other players in stroke play, to help search for the player’s ball without risk of penalty if they accidentally move the player’s ball; outside persons such as spectators are allowed to help search as well.

It is inconsistent to encourage everyone but the player or his or her caddie (or partner) to look for the ball, and this creates an odd incentive for the player to hold back and let others search.