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Difference in BAL Reports
Selenium Speciation
Did You Know...Balloons pose risks to the environment and utilize a valuable resource.
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It's Gator Season!

Gator Season Many discussion and research endeavors have focused on subsistence fishermen and their families, but limited resources have been directed at other ways of "living off-of the land". Few know that there are a considerable number of people that live in the southern region of the United States that rely upon alligator meat as a primary source of protein in their diet. Brooks Applied Labs is funding a research endeavor characterizing the molecular forms of mercury in alligator meat to ascertain the toxicological risk for an underrepresented population. This is one of the largest scientific studies focused on metals contamination in alligators known to date. To learn about our findings as well as how partnering with Brooks Applied Labs can help ensure the success of your project, please contact us today!
Mark Your Calendars: BAL Giving ACS Webinar

C and EN Webinars On May 3rd, our Technical Director, Hakan Gürleyük, will be presenting a webinar sponsored by Agilent through ACS's Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN). The title is "Why ICP-MS/MS? How Tandem MS Solves Analytical Problems and Improves Data Quality in a Commercial Metals Laboratory." Please join Hakan for what will be a highly informative and important discussion on the future of metals analysis by registering here.
Advocating Independent Testing on Capitol Hill

Michelle at Capitol Hill BAL's President/CEO, Michelle Briscoe, spent a full day last month advocating for the private commercial laboratory industry on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC as part of the "Independence Day" activities sponsored by the American Council of Independent Laboratories ( ACIL). With meetings scheduled in the offices of three members of the Senate and four members of the House of Representatives, plus a Congressional Briefing, the day was packed full of opportunities for Ms. Briscoe to discuss important issues that align with BAL's core values with key legislative staffers.
BAL Accepts Award from Environmental Business International
Annie Accepts EBJ Award

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