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Today Is the Day to Give

This Giving Tuesday, please give the gift of reading to all those who struggle with dyslexia and other reading differences by donating to IDA. Your gift will raise awareness of the reading crisis in the US and help us provide tools and resources until everyone can read.

Support Team San Antonio

In five days our TeamQuest runners will run the Rock 'n' Roll San Antonio Marathon. Thank you all for your incredible efforts to raise awareness and critical dollars for IDA while persevering through training. As race day approaches, take the advice of experienced runner, Jennifer Van Allen, quoted in Runner's World Magazine:
"Stop stressing. This will be a huge, positive, community event with strangers cheering you on, feeding you, offering you water, and celebrating your accomplishments."

Just Keep Running, Running, Running
The holidays are a busy time, especially when you are training for a marathon! But don't be discouraged. You can still celebrate the holidays and stay on track with your training. If you plan to indulge, make deals with yourself to do so in moderation and stay on track with training. Squeeze in a work-out every chance you get, and set smaller goals if you have to.

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