It's Going To Be Legendary!
Thanks to The Olde Farm, 100 participants from the 2018 season will experience The American Legends tournament. This event features ten sports legends including Gary Player, Jack Nicklaus, Peyton Manning, Lorena Ochoa, and Dan Marino. This generous donation is valued at $100,000! Thanks Olde Farm! Find out more about the tournament.
Which Pair Of Legends Would You Like To Meet?
Jack Nicklaus & Gary Player
Peyton Manning & Dan Marino
Lee Trevino & Lanny Wadkins
Lorena Ochoa & Betsy King
Jerry West & Tim Finchem
Eagle Fundamentals: Variable Playing Conditions
Rarely on the course do you get a perfectly flat lie as you would on the driving range. Great golfers make the proper adjustments according to the situation they face. Here are some of the most common playing conditions that you must deal with:

Ball above/below your feet: Adjust to this by making the club longer or shorter with your grip. Choke up or down on the club until your posture is as close to normal as you can get it.

Upslope/Downslope: Adjust your body, specifically your shoulders, to match the slope. Making the shot "flat from your perspective" is key. Fighting the slope will lead to big mistakes.

Deep Rough: Choose a club with more loft than usual. The deeper the grass, the more loft you need. Place the ball back in your stance to create a steeper angle of attack. Accelerate through the shot.

Bunkers: Take a full swing, regardless of shot distance. You can control your distance by hitting more or less sand, and adjusting your loft accordingly. Always keep the club moving, as slowing down or stopping will keep you in the sand.
Each year we host a Fall Finale tournament as a "thank you" to all of our great students from that year. The tournament is free and awards are presented after the event. More info on this will be coming soon!
2019 USGA Major Rule Changes
2019 Rule: Rule 13.1c(2) allows repair of almost any damage on the green:

“Damage on the putting green” will be defined to include all types of damage (such as ball-marks, shoe damage, indentations from a club or flagstick, animal damage, etc.), except aeration holes, natural surface imperfections or natural wear of the hole.

Reasons for Change:

Because putting greens are specially prepared for playing the ball along the ground, the Rules allow the player to do things on the green that are not allowed anywhere else:

The player may mark, lift and clean a ball on the green at any time, remove sand and loose soil on the green and repair old hole plugs and ball-marks on the green.

Given this philosophy of allowing players to try to have a smooth surface for rolling the ball, there is no conceptual reason for prohibiting repair of other types of damage (whether made by players, animals, maintenance staff, etc.).

This Rule change will eliminate the frequent questions among players and referees about whether a particular area of damage on the green is a ball-mark that may be repaired or is a shoe mark or other damage that must not be repaired.

Eagle Yardage Book: Building A Go-To Team
Everyone needs a Go-To Team. The greatest golfers of all time had people in their corner like swing coaches, nutritionists, sports psychologists, and most importantly friends and family.

We can all benefit from the help of others, whether on or off the golf course. Think about your favorite teacher in school, or how your parents have helped you over the years. These are the types of people to add to your Go-To Team.

Remember to have a different Go-To Team for each area that you need help. You might have one for golf, one for school, and one for your career. Finally, be sure to show appreciation to your team members!