CLASS Connection - September 2021
A Message From Our Interim Dean,
Dr. Sara Garver
Welcome, Broncos! Although being on campus looks different, we are excited to have you back. Whether you’re taking online classes, in-person, or hybrid, our college faculty and staff are here to support you. 

As a reminder, the university has protocols in place for our students, faculty, and staff. Review the Safer Return website for the guidelines in place while on campus and for the safer return checklist

Thank you all for your patience and cooperation as we navigate this new environment. I look forward to seeing you on campus. 
Have a safe and wonderful fall semester.
Humans of CLASS
Hello, humans of CLASS! We want to share with our campus community the individuals who make up the College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences. With your help, we can make this possible! We want to highlight you and all that you offer to make our college special, diverse, and inclusive. Please provide us with your name, year, major, photo and ANSWER AT LEAST TWO of the questions when filling out the online form. Thank you! #WeGotCLASS

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Dr. Amy Dao Awarded National Science Foundation Research Grant
Dr. Amy Dao, assistant professor of anthropology, was awarded the National Science Foundation (NSF) Research Grant. Dr. Dao's research will investigate how multigenerational households navigate care and safety precautions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Additionally, Dr. Dao received funding from the University of California Humanities Research Institute Podcast Support Grant. The podcast is called "Healthy Disruption." Be sure to check our social media channels and website for updates on the podcast!

Dr. Dao was also appointed to the Advisory Committee on Digital Health and Human Rights Project with The Graduate Institute Geneva. The committee will examine gaps in digital health data.
Seeking participants from multigenerational households. Participants will receive $25 in appreciation of their time. Conversations can be conducted in English, Spanish, Tagalog, and Vietnamese. Email or call 909.869.3303.
Associate professor of economics, Dr. Craig Kerr, lent his expertise to survey results regarding the workforce during the Labor Day weekend. 
Sociology professor Dr. Anthony Ocampo's piece "Rethinking Tenure" was published in The Chronicle of Higher Education. The article discusses the sociology department's revised retention, tenure, and promotion (RTP) criteria.
Dr. Alejandro Morales Named Director of McNair Scholars Program
Associate professor of psychology, Alejandro Morales, has been named the Cal Poly Pomona McNair Scholars Program director. The program prepares eligible undergraduate students for Ph.D. programs and ultimately diversify academia. The program is funded by the U.S. Department of Education. It aims to recruit under-represented minorities, first-generation students, and low-income students to provide research opportunities with faculty members in their major. 
Farrah Hassen's Opinion Piece Gets Significant Traction
Farrah Hassen, adjunct professor of International Law in the Department of Political Science, recently wrote the opinion piece “Now Close Gitmo, Too." The article discusses Hassen’s support for ending the war in Afghanistan but points out that Guantánamo Bay must also be brought to a close. She writes, “As with the Afghan war, Biden must ensure that the prison never sees its 20th anniversary. The indefinite detention of prisoners at Gitmo without charge or trial, and the documented acts of their torture and mistreatment, tarnish America’s global standing.” 

Hassen’s opinion piece has appeared in Otherwords.orgThe OC RegisterRedlands Daily FactsForeign Policy in Focus, and the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, LA Daily News, and Torrance Daily Breeze print editions.
Faculty Keeps Up with Advising Policies, Processes & Best Practices
Last year, 15 of our faculty took part in the Faculty Advisor Certificate Program. The program provides faculty with resources and workshops to stay updated on advising best practices, processes, and critical advising policies. Faculty members who complete four workshops receive a certificate. Read how the program helped some of our faculty and consider taking part in the workshops this year.
Alumni Spotlight:
Camille Delgadillo
You never know when something will impact your life. A slight shift, even a guest visit to a classroom, can alter your world and even bring clarity. This was the case for Camille Delgadillo (psychology '12), who is now a Senior Social Services Supervisor with the Orange County Social Services.
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