Breana Pozzi
Pitcher/Coach for the Miracle League
Welcome to a new feature of our monthly newsletter!
In this section we will be highlighting some of the amazing volunteers who make this League happen. Our first Spotlight is on Breana Pozzi, the Miracle League Pitcher/Coach. We are so blessed to have her! Let's hear what she has to say:

"When I heard about the idea of Miracle League, I absolutely knew I had to get involved and I jumped on board. I helped Jen get in touch with investors, helped build the playground and I've been a coach/pitcher from game #1.

 My favorite part of Miracle League is seeing all the players faces light up when they show up to the field. I love that every player gets a hit and makes it around each base and crosses home plate to scores a run. The excitement and joy the players get from Miracle leagues makes my heart explode.

I look forward to every Saturday during season because every player completely melts my heart and I always leave the field with a big smile on my face. These athletes remind me of what this game is truly about; teamwork, respect, camaraderie & compassion. For me, MLNB brings a love of the sport that I never knew was possible.
I love the competitive spirit these players naturally have and the pure joy in their eyes really makes the time I get to be with them special.”
- Coach Bre
Homer's Honk & Cheer!
The last two Saturdays in June Homer, the new Miracle League Mascot, lead a caravan of decorated cars, trucks and Rip City Rider Motorcycles to our players homes to honk, cheer and deliver gifts. Thanks to everyone who participated.
A great time was had by all! Check out the video on the website!

If you are a past, present or future Miracle League Player, were not able to participate in the 2 past June events and would like to be a part of a future "Honk & Cheer" Caravan, please email us at info@MiracleLeagueNorthBay.org.


Wishing you a FUN and SAFE July 4th Holiday!

The Miracle League North Bay
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