JUNE 2019
Dear neighbors,

San Jose residents -- like myself -- who drive along the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) train tracks every day on Monterey Road see graffiti, trash, trespass, and much more. This problem has persisted for years.
UPRR has received hundreds of complaints from District 2 residents about the Monterey Road tracks, which shares walls with multiple residential neighborhoods. The City has contacted UPRR countless times about a Memorandum of Understanding and shared responsibility, but UPRR has not been responsive or receptive to working together.
We as a City must prioritize the health and safety of our community, and we have been asking UPRR to partner with us in cleaning up the area surrounding their tracks. Unfortunately, UPRR’s lack of cooperation has left frustrated residents and City leaders no other recourse but to explore legal action.
On May 30, I co-authored a memorandum with Councilmembers Raul Peralez, Devora Davis, Maya Esparza and Mayor Sam Liccardo directing the City Attorney to explore possible legal action against UPRR for its blatant disregard for the health and safety of San Jose residents and its continued neglect of the blight, graffiti, trash, and trespass along railway lines.
On June 5, I held a press conference to share my efforts in finding resources and solutions to this issue, as well as my goals to work collaboratively with UPRR. I invited the following speakers to join me and share how the blighted railroad tracks have impacted them: Greg Peck - Chair of the District 2 Neighborhood Leadership Council and President of the Los Paseos Neighborhood Association, Erasmo Zuniga - Vice President of Mercado California, and Linda Read - Team Member with Downtown Streets Team.

Our memorandum was approved at the June 5 Rules and Open Government Committee Meeting.
Read my statement for additional history and information about our actions regarding the UPRR line along Monterey Road and gain additional perspective about my concerns in the stories below:
District 2 City Councilman Sergio Jimenez stood before a South San Jose track side soundwall covered in graffiti and called the Union Pacific railroad to clean up its act. "We really want Union Pacific to be a good partner, come to the table and work with the city to try and address some of these issues… We've been hearing promises for years on end that something was going to happen, but still nothing has happened.”
“We feel Union Pacific hasn’t been a good partner,” Jimenez said. “The city’s willing to help do some of the work. We’ve gotten funding to help paint over the wall of graffiti. Unfortunately, we haven’t had a willing partner on the other side. And that’s what we hope to change with the litigation.”
“The reality is that Union Pacific has not been a good neighbor,” Councilman Sergio Jimenez — whose district encompasses a chunk of blighted Union Pacific track along the city’s southern gateway — said at a press conference Wednesday morning. “Quite frankly, we’re tired of it.”
San Jose Councilman Sergio Jimenez, who represents the neighborhood, says this area has become a dumping ground. "Furniture, construction debris and piles of garbage [on the] tracks, all the way to Morgan Hill," he said.

“What we do every day by allowing this to exist is telling the residents, the residents on the other side of the tracks, that they don’t matter as much. Right? And we want to change that,” said Councilmember Jimenez.
"It's been going on long before I was elected, I hope it doesn't go on after I [leave]," Councilmember Sergio Jimenez said at a news conference next to graffiti-covered tracks at Monterey Road and Edenview Drive Wednesday morning. "It's just become extremely frustrating."

Let's continue working together as a community to make San Jose a better place to live, work, and play.
In community,

Sergio Jimenez
D2 News: Updates & Accomplishments
Grocery Outlet finds new home at Santa Teresa Village Shopping Center

My team invested a significant amount of time in pushing for a new tenant in Santa Teresa Village Shopping Center because it was important to both residents and me that we: 1. Brought back safety and cleanliness to the area and 2. Filled this space with another grocer to rejuvenate the building.

“An abandoned San Jose building that attracted rats, crime and blight will finally reopen after residents piled pressure on the landlord and City Hall… The growing problem spurred a response from Councilmember Sergio Jimenez, whose district includes the former Nob Hill store, to explore measures to compel businesses to either give up their leases on vacant buildings or sublease to other retailers. In Nov. 2017, Jimenez supported the Vacant Storefront Initiative, which requires any property owners in the downtown area not actively trying to sell their vacant property to pay a quarterly inspection fee of $202. Still, the initiative is restricted to vacant buildings located in the downtown area. Jimenez is still exploring ways to reach companies who renew leases on empty buildings to prevent such situations.”

I look forward to welcoming Grocery Outlet to Santa Teresa Boulevard, and will keep residents updated about its opening day.
Transforming our parks by bringing free games & activities to the community all summer long

We know many of you look forward to the weekend and getting a chance to head outdoors. Good news: My office is extending the fun into the weekdays this summer as we transform our local City parks! 
Join us for FREE movies (select dates), games, and other events focused on health and wellness resources, physical activity, and community engagement as we unite our neighbors. Our activities include: resource fairs, inflatable obstacle courses, jumpers, soccer zorbs, climbing walls, giant lawn games, arts and crafts, and more.
Grab your friends and family -- meet us for one of our Viva Parks events (dates and parks listed in our flyer)!
Free community Dumpster Days help keep our streets clean

One of my #D2CleanStreets Initiative events that consistently sees high community engagement is neighborhood Dumpster Day!

My office has the capacity to fund a Dumpster Day for each District 2 neighborhood once every other year. In May and June, we had the pleasure of working with they Hayes Neighborhood, the Santa Teresa Bernal Neighborhood, and City staff to make this event a hit! I am happy to plan and sponsor this service for residents to get rid of their large junk items and to further deter people from illegally dumping on our streets.

Need to get rid of junk or large items? San José residents can  schedule FREE appointments to have large items (such as mattresses, sofas, refrigerators, tires, and   more) picked up by their recycling collection company. Visit the  San José Free Junk Pick Up website to schedule your free appointment today. Learn how to     report and prevent illegal dumping  Let's work together to stop trash that is illegally dumped in public spaces, sidewalks, streets, etc.!
Meeting with youth is just as important as meeting with adults in the community!

These Martin Murphy Middle School students are rocking sunglasses from their favorite (don’t mind that I’m their only) District 2 Councilmember!

One of the Career Day topics was the importance of voting — when they turn 18 in a few years — and speaking up about issues they care about (safe parks, clean streets, an affordable place to live, etc.)

Students asked my staff about their background, what brought them to work for an elected official, and what interests them about the public sector. Fun fact: Anyone with a drive to make their community better can be in this role! We always welcome people with different experiences to bring diversity to the decision making process at City Hall. For example, I hold a B.A. in Political Science. My staff also studied law, communication, marketing, English, journalism, Chicano studies, fashion merchandising, and music!
Watch my "District News" update in CreaTV's Valley Politics segment

CreaTV invited me to share my goals, initiatives, accomplishments, and more -- everything you read about and see in my monthly newsletters -- as San Jose's District 2 representative.

My team and I have a clear mission to increase access to public safety, be visible and responsive to our community, advocate for equitable housing policies, and protect open space. We are achieving this mission by: working hand in hand with residents to clean our streets through my #D2CleanStreets Initative, strengthening community engagement, bringing affordable housing and homeless solutions, preserving Coyote Valley, partnering with local businesses, and increasing traffic safety.  

D2 Business Spotlight: Ch ampa Kitchen in Monterey Plaza

 Champa Kitchen is the newest Halal Champa Vietnamese cuisine in the Monterey Plaza! The owners are local San Jose residents who are proud of their Champa Vietnamese roots. From Chicken Curry to Champa Lamb, this upcoming restaurant is looking forward to making District 2 their home. I encourage all residents to support this local establishment and enjoy some food while you’re at it! 

5560 Monterey Road, San Jose, CA 95138
(408) 912-5419
Open Monday-Sunday: 11 a.m. - 10 p.m. (Closed 3 p.m. - 5 p.m.)
A Look at More Community Stories
I thanked Center for Integrated Facility Engineering (CIFE) for their collaboration with other community partners to combat wage theft in Silicon Valley. CIFE has provided evidence to aid local government agencies in implementing worker protection policies, and was crucial to the passage of a strong wage theft policy in San Jose. We commend them for their commitment to social justice.
Congratulations to our San Jose Recreation Preschool Class of 2019! We are thrilled to see you beaming with pride. We also applaud the teachers, as well as Ray and Angela from Southside Community Center, for creating and bringing to life quality programs for kids at our local community center. Little graduates, I hope this is just one of many stages you will walk in South San Jose’s District 2!
Some representatives from the League of Women Voters visited my office to talk about how the City's General plan includes District 2's Coyote Valley.

The City Council approved recommendations in the June 7th memorandum co-authored by Mayor Liccardo, Councilmembers Peralez, Arenas and myself regarding the re-evaluation of Coyote Valley in the Envision San Jose 2040 General Plan.  

We specifically recommended along with additional direction for the scope of the General Plan to include “analysis of the potential redistribution of job growth from North Coyote Valley, allow for Task Force discussion on the long-term future of North Coyote Valley and the Mid-Coyote Urban Reserve to achieve key city objectives including the preservation of open space and wildlife habitat, flood and groundwater protection, agriculture, climate change resilience, and passive recreation." 

I am committed to the continued preservation of San Jose’s most prized natural treasure, Coyote Valley. Additionally, we moved forward efforts to spur increased housing and affordable housing. The Envision San Jose 2040 General Plan (General Plan) is a comprehensive and forward thinking policy document that lays the framework for becoming a fiscally-sound and environmentally sustainable city, I encourage residents to stay engaged on this issue as it will impact San Jose for years to come.  

In addition, the State Assembly passed AB 948 to establish a Coyote Valley Conservation program and acknowledge Coyote Valley as an area of statewide significance in local planning documents developed or updated on or after January 1, 2020 affecting land use within Coyote Valley.
You're looking at the firs t “Expression Swing”  of its kind in San Jose, and I'm stoked that it's in our very own District 2!

Swing face to face and eye to eye with your toddler at Danna Rock Park, at Houndshaven Way & Valleyhaven Way, San Jose, CA 95111.

Show your fellow residents how much you enjoy your local park -- our community's backyard -- and post photos of you on the swing to spread the joy!

This park innovation and upgrade are courtesy of our San José Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Services Capital Team.

Thank you!
D2 and You: Upcoming Events
The San José Public Library is gearing up to kick-off some exciting summer programs. Learn more below!

Summer Learning
You’re invited to win prizes by simply reading, this summer, during the San José Public Library ’s (SJPL) “ Summer Reading Program ” from June 1 – July 31 .
By participating, you’ll also get to be a part of San José’s goal of registering at least 500,000 hours of reading throughout the city. There are educational programs, fun events, and so much more for all ages to enjoy, completely FREE! Register today by visiting your nearest SJPL location or www.sjpl.org/summer

SJPL Bound
The San José Public Library is celebrating the 5 th anniversary of their official magazine, SJPL Bound ! The new summer issue covers June – August, 2019 and features the Library’s Summer Learning program, Graphic Novel Making Contest, fun events for people of all ages to enjoy, a list of their most popular and new titles, and so much more! Download the digital copy at www.sjpl.org/bound , or pick up a copy at any San José Public Library location.

Graphic Novel Making Contest
If you have a talent for creating comic/Manga-style illustrated short stories, you are invited to enter San José Public Library ’s Graphic Novel Making Contest for a chance to win a prize! The contest is open to people of all ages! For details, including guidelines for the contest, please visit: www.sjpl.org/graphicnovelcontest

Free Summer Food Program at the Library
To help fuel San José's children and teens' (ages 2-18) futures through healthy meals and fun activities, the San José Public Library will offer FREE lunch at seven San José Public Library locations from June 10 – August 9, 2019. For a complete list of participating library branches and schedules, please visit:  www.sjpl.org/summerfood
For Your Information
The San José Fire Department emphasizes that fireworks are illegal, dangerous, and can result in fires and injuries that are easily preventable. 

San José residents can “Snap, Click, Report” violators online: sanjoseca.gov/fireworks

1. Snap: Safely take a photo of video of the person participating in illegal activity. 
2. Click: Visit sanjoseca.gov/fireworks
3. Report: Complete the online form with accurate information regarding the illegal firework activity. Include as much information as possible. The more information reported, the more likely action will be taken. Reporting parties can upload up to five separate photos or videos as evidence of illegal activity. 

The City also offers a 24 hour hotline, (408) 535-5600, to assist residents that do not have internet access and wish to report violators. All reports will be reviewed for sufficient evidence during this reporting period. If the report includes sufficient information and evidence, the City’s Code Enforcement Division will issue citations.

The online reporting tool will be activated on June 1, 2019 and will remain available through the duration of the reporting period which ends July 8, 2019.
City offers scholarships to increase access to Summer Camp programs that keep children engaged

The City of San Jose’s Department of Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Services (PRNS) is a premier summer camp provider. Hosted at community centers and parks, summer camps offer an exciting mix of recreational and educational fun to meet the needs of all ages, abilities, and interests. 

The City offers multiple scholarships for select programs. Its goal is to ensure that qualifying San Jose residents have affordable access to these programs, classes, and activities.

For more information about recreation scholarships and how to apply, visit bit.ly/CSJPRNSPA or contact your local park or community center.
Safe Parking Pilot Program provides a safe place to sleep for people living in their vehicles

People deserve a safe environment to sleep in. On May 15, 2019, the City of San Jose opened a Safe & Supportive Parking program at Southside Community Center to provide a space where homeless families living in their vehicles can park and sleep overnight. The program is overseen by the nonprofit  Life Moves, which is responsible for providing services, security, trash disposal, and more at the designated Safe Parking sites. The organization will also help families find jobs and housing.

Through this program, we are taking steps to ensure a sense of stability for families and individuals living in their cars as we address our city’s homeless crisis.

If you know anyone who could benefit from the Safe & Supportive Parking program, please email safeparking@lifemoves.org or call 669-238-6193 for more information about resources and program eligibility.
San Jose's Broadband Strategy and Small Cell Deployment

The San Jose City Council approved the deployment of AT&T small cells on June 26, 2018.

The San Jose City Council approved the deployment of T-Mobile new/updated macro sites on January 29, 2019.

On February 12, 2019, the San Jose City Council approved an agreement between the City and the California Emerging Technology Fund (CETF) to manage small cell usage fee revenue and matching fundraising revenue allocations (from the City to CETF), subject to appropriation of funds, to implement a Digital Inclusion Fund.
Information on the City's website about Broadband Strategy and Small Cell Deployment: http://www.sanjoseca.gov/smallcell

Contact the City for more information: broadband@sanjoseca.gov; Liam Crawford (408) 535-8166

Additionally, you may contact AT&T for information for small cell projects:
1-800-678-1169 Ext. 2084
Funding opportunities for 2020 Census related work

Silicon Valley Community Foundation
The Silicon Valley Community Foundation – in partnership with the Northern California Grantmakers, Sobrato Family Foundation, and other local grantors – is accepting proposals to support #2020Census education and outreach efforts to hard-to-count communities. Proposals will be accepted until May 31, 2019, through their online portal Apply SVCF . Additional details are available on their website . You can also  view a Zoom online from an earlier information session.

We are highly recommending Complete Count Committee members submit a proposal for this funding.

Questions? Contact census2020@siliconvalleycf.org .

United Way of the Bay Area
In March of 2019, the California Complete Count Office announced that United Way of the Bay Area will be the regional Administrative Community Based Organization (ACBO) for Region 3. Region 3 is inclusive of the City and County of San Francisco and the counties of Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Mateo, Santa Clara, and Solano. Through the State Budget, the United Way of the Bay Area has received $2.8 million to support Census efforts in Region 3. They plan on issuing their RFP in May-June 2019, with awards being decided in August 2019. Questions? Contact Kelly Batson at kbatson@uwba.org .

County of Santa Clara
The County Board of Supervisors has made a significant local investment in #2020Census efforts in Santa Clara County. The County provide additional information about local funding opportunities as it becomes available. In the meantime, please be sure to submit a proposal for the Silicon Valley Community Foundation’s funding on their online portal Apply SVCF .

City of San Jose
The City will also be providing funding to qualified non-profit organizations to conduct census education and outreach activities in San Jose. Details will be provided as soon as they become available. In the meantime, please be sure to submit a proposal for the Silicon Valley Community Foundation’s funding on their online portal Apply SVCF .

California’s Hard-to-Count Communities
As a refresher, below are the 14 variables that comprise California’s Hard to Count index:
  • Households without broadband
  • Non-family households (ex. Roommates)
  • Renter-occupied households
  • Vacant households
  • Crowded households (more than 1.5 persons per room)
  • Foreign-born
  • Adults who are not high-school graduates
  • Households with income below 150% of poverty level
  • Households receiving public assistance income
  • Unemployed individuals
  • Limited-English households
  • New County residents (within the last year)
  • Children under 5 years old
  • Multi-unit housing (ex. Gated communities)
VTA's 2019 New Transit Service Plan

The VTA Board of Directors unanimously approved, at its May 2 Board meeting, the final recommendations outlined in the  2019 New Transit Service Plan .

One of the key changes – and victories for District 2 – is the modified bus Route 42 . A brief description and map are available here .

Route 42 Routing Change

The Final Plan proposes to reroute Route 42 to the northern/eastern side of US 101 along Silver Creek Valley Road, Hellyer Avenue, Silicon Valley Boulevard, Bernal Road and San Ignacio Avenue to serve community-oriented destinations.

Route 42 will serve the VA Clinic and the Mexican Consulate, both of which had been seeking transit service for a long time. Residents are encouraged to use this route, or else it will likely be reduced or eliminated in the future.

The approved changes will be implemented when BART service to Santa Clara County begins late this year. 

Test Drive the Redesigned VTA.org Launching in June

A message from VTA: We’re nearly ready to launch the new VTA.org by mid-June. Thank you to everyone who has provided input and feedback on the design.

Please visit  beta.vta.org  to familiarize yourself with the beta version of the new site, and  use the short survey  that pops up to tell us what you think.

We’re making improvements based on feedback from users like you as we add more content every day.
How you can help keep our community safe and clean

See blight or homelessness in your neighborhood or around San José? Report it to the appropriate agency. All reporting is tracked at each agency and forwarded to the appropriate response team for action.

Union Pacific (usually the property around the railroad tracks)
Submit complaints regarding the Union Pacific Railroad to the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA). Complaints regarding train noise or encampments can be submitted to their office directly by constituents either by sending an email to r7_gx@dot.gov or by phone to 916-414-2315.

Caltrans (usually property surrounding / adjacent to freeways and highways)
Fill out a Maintenance Service Request (MSR): https://csr.dot.ca.gov/ 

Homeless Concerns (on City of San Jose property)

MySanJose App - request services on City property
Download the app to your smartphone!

Schedule a FREE Large Item pick up , right in front of your home
Visit the San Jose Free Junk Pick Up website to learn more and schedule your free appointment: sanjoseca.gov/index.aspx?NID=3649

Please do not hesitate to reach out to my office for support in contacting these agencies and departments: (408) 535-4902 | District2@sanjoseca.gov
Styrofoam & pizza boxes go in the garbage! More garbage/recycling tips:

For your information: Pizza boxes should go into garbage cart, not the recycling bin. They are cardboard materials; however, most of the time the pizza boxes are greasy which contaminates the recycling process. Example of other nonrecyclable items that residents often place in recycling cart are soiled napkins, tissue paper, to-go containers, etc. 

Need to report abandoned vehicles, street light outages, and more? Use MySanJose: Our quick & easy tool to request City services

Want to get that pothole or street light fixed? Need to report graffiti, illegal dumping or an abandoned vehicle? Have a different question for the City? With the new state-of-the-art MySanJose  app  and  website , it is now a breeze to file and track a City service request or reach one of our customer representatives. It is super easy to use – see our zippy  tutorial

Download the MySanJose app today:  www.sanjoseca.gov/mysanjose
Please don't leave your large items on the side of the road. It's easy & FREE to get rid of your junk!

San José residents can schedule FREE appointments to have large items (such as mattresses, sofas, refrigerators, tires, and  more ) picked up by their recycling collection company. 

Visit the San José Free Junk Pick Up website to schedule your free appointment today!

Thank you for keeping our City clean and combating illegal dumping!

Learn how to   report and prevent illegal dumping . Let's work together to stop trash that is illegally dumped in public spaces, sidewalks, streets, etc.!
Students, get involved! My District 2 Team is looking for interns!

Join our team and make a difference in the community! The Office of Councilmember Sergio Jimenez welcomes college or graduate school students interested community engagement, public service, policy research, and local government to apply for our District 2 Internship. 

This unpaid internship provides students with an immersive experience in day-to-day operations of a City Council office that serves about 100,000 residents. 

Student interns are expected to:
Communicate effectively with others
Adapt and work in a fast-paced environment
Have a willingness to learn and apply academic training to required job assignments
Commit a minimum of 15 hours per week

How to apply:
To be considered for the District 2 Internship, please:
1. Complete the District 2 Internship Form 
2. Upload your District 2 Internship Form, along with your Resume and Cover Letter, to the District 2 Internship Application
Community Resources
Have a D2 question or concern? Contact my team!

You may have met them at City Hall, Neighborhood Meetings, or just out and about in our community! In addition to supporting me at meetings and events -- or attending on my behalf -- my team members follow specific policy areas and have other responsibilities. They are happy to speak or meet with you regarding your questions or concerns!

Get involved: District 2 Neighborhood Associations

Neighborhood Associations (N.A.s) are groups of community members who meet and collaborate to work towards common goals such as: beautification/clean-up efforts, safety enhancements, and social events. N.A.s serve as a connection between the community and City Hall. We are here to support N.A.'s by providing direction, resources, grants, help with outreach, models for success, and more.

View the interactive map of D2 N.A's on my website to find your N.A. or work with my office to start a N.A. in your area!

Reserving meeting space as an N.A.

As an established Neighborhood Association, you may reserve space for community use directly with Libraries and Community Centers in our District. As long as the meeting takes place during regular hours of operation, there is no charge to to your N.A.

If your event goes beyond the hours of operation, there is a charge for staffing. Our office is happy to accommodate 2 uses per N.A. per year for N.A.’s by paying for the staff time. Any additional uses outside of this would require your N.A. to cover the cost. 

Please contact the District 2 Office for more information!
Beyond San Jose: Get the latest news from your other elected officials

Read your Santa Clara County Supervisor Mike Wasserman's Newsletter

Read your Santa Clara County Supervisor Dave Cortese's Newsletter

Read your California State Assemblymember Ash Kalra's News/Updates

Read your California State Assemblymember Mark Stone's News/Updates

Sergio's Office Hours 

Office Hours are a time to come ask questions, share concerns, or simply have a conversation. Meetings are first come first serve , and time may be limited to 15 minutes per person depending on the number of attendees.

Please visit my website for more information.

Upcoming Office Hours:

Monday, June 17
5:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Santa Teresa Library, Study Room B

July 2019: There will be NO Office Hours during the entire month of July due to Council recess.
City Resources

Report on MySanJose :

Graffiti (866) 249-0543
Illegal Dumping (408) 794-1900
Potholes (408) 794-1900
Streetlight Outages (408) 794-1903
Speak with a live Customer Service Representative (408) 535-3500

Additional Resources:

(408) 975-1440 

(408) 535-7770

(408) 534-2900

(408) 793-5510 

Vanessa Sandoval – Chief of Staff
Helen Chapman – Policy & Legislative Advisor
Maribel Villarreal  – Policy & Legislative Analyst
Lucas Ramirez  – Policy & Legislative Analyst
Laura Nguyen – Community Relations & Web Coordinator
Kimberly Hernandez  – Executive Assistant