February 28th, 2019
Unlike high-profile sporting events, the “halftime” of the Indiana General Assembly does not include big name acts, marching bands dotting the “i,” or even a frisbee-fetching dog. But it does provide an opportunity to see how our priority agenda items are faring and what items might need a heavy push from you, the constituents. We’ll give up the “3 for Thursday” format for this important update … consider it a 3 + 3 Bonus. To read this report in its entirety, click here .

HB 1518 – Passed the House by a vote of 81-16 and now heads to the Senate

· Revises the quota system of alcohol licenses for communities based on the U.S. Census.
· Eliminates riverfront districts (while grandfathering the existing licenses)
· Allows cities and towns to create “entertainment revitalization areas” that could be drawn anywhere and receive alcohol licenses. Caveat: These entertainment areas would need to be approved by referendum at a city’s expense. And that’s a caveat we strongly oppose.

Contact your legislator ( CLICK HERE ) and voice your concern about this financial burden.


HB 1020 – Hate Crimes by Rep. Tony Cook (R-Hamilton Heights) did not receive a hearing in the House and is now officially dead.

SB 12 – Passed out of Senate Public Policy committee by a vote of 9-1 only to be gutted of its protected classes list on the floor before heading to the House. There is a significant movement headed up by Governor Holcomb as well as corporate and civic leaders to re-instate the list.

Contact your legislator ( CLICK HERE ) to let them know that being one of five states without a bias crimes bill – without specific language -- is bad for business.

SB 33 – passed the Senate 49-0 and will now be taken up by the House

· Establishes certification and a grant program for comprehensive addiction recovery centers to be administered by the division of mental health and addiction.
· Establishes the comprehensive addiction recovery center fund.

SB 141 – Passed the Senate 42-6 and will be heard in the House

· Specifies requirements that a health care provider that prescribes for a patient in an office-based opioid treatment setting must meet in the treatment of the patient.
· The medical licensing board, state department of health, and the office of family social services agency will adopt protocols concerning office-based treatment providers. 

SB 563 – Passed the Senate by a vote of 45-4 and heads to House
· Creates a Redevelopment Tax Credit
· Makes the Venture Capital Investment tax credit transferable to increase investment by out-of-state investors without the Indiana tax liability. 


HB 1004 –Passed the full House by a vote of 96-2 and heads to the Senate
· Further outlines requirements and how grants can be used from Indiana safe schools fund and the Indiana secured school fund matching grants.

HB 1398 – Passed the House by a vote of 94-2
· Requires a law enforcement agency or private university police department to share private investigatory records with a school corporation for the purpose of enhancing the safety of a student or school corporation.

HB 1651 – Passed the House by a vote of 90-2 and heads to the Senate
· Fixes a gap in the existing “red flag” law preventing dangerous people from having the ability from purchasing firearms moving forward. 

SB 425 – Bill dead in the Senate
Legislators couldn’t see their way to losing income from tax revenue from raising the legal age for selling and purchasing tobacco from 18 to 21. We’re disappointed. Smoking is costing Indiana businesses. A lot.

HB 1444 – Passed the House by a vote of 53-40 and moved to the Senate
· Imposes a tax on electronic cigarettes at a rate of $0.04 per milliliter with the funds to be deposited in the state general fund. This may be a tight vote.

Contact your legislator ( CLICK HERE ) and voice your concern about tobacco’s burden on the workforce.