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May 2020 Newsletter

The global pandemic has brought about its fair share of challenges but it's also provided new opportunities to think about how we live, work, and stay connected.

We've been listening to your feedback and as a first step, we are pleased to share this alumni newsletter. 

Any alumni newsletter is only going to be as good as the stories you share with us. The Hyde community is a family and we genuinely care about one another. We want to hear how things are going, know who's in the area and help celebrate exciting moments so please email us your update and, when possible, send pictures. 

We want to know:  
  • Where are you now? 
  • What career and hobbies are you pursuing?
  • Do you have a new family member? 
  • Is there a challenge you've overcome?
  • What was your favorite Hyde memory?
  • What Hyde principles are resonating in your current phase of life?

We look forward to connecting with one another in celebration of life's moments big and small.

I'll leave you with a closing thought from Laura Gauld '76 , President & Head of School:

As Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe said,
"Talent is nurtured in solitude; character is formed in the stormy billows of the world.
" We are in the storm but our character will see us through.
What ever we face, we face together.

Here's to valuing our past and forging our future...together.

Director of Advancement

Music With Malcolm & Friends
Many Hyde alums are out in the world pursuing their respective unique potentials in the arts. At this moment, they all share one thing in common with current students: They are sheltered in place! 

So I thought to myself why not bring everyone together on-line?!? After reaching out to these alums, I have been truly touched by their enthusiasm to participate. 

The format for each session is simple: We play one or two of the musician's songs and then have him/her talk about: the song, tips & techniques, the music biz, etc. Ample time is provided for Q&A with no topic of limits. (e.g., "Were you ever on work crew at Hyde?") Thanks to our alumni (and friends) for making this such a special moment:

  • Liah Aloso '98 (pictured above) - A singer/songwriter based in Mexico, Liah kicked off the series with her Spotify song "Light to the Universe." Great interaction between the kids and her!
  • Adam Stern '02 - a San Francisco-based singer-songwriter who is somehow balancing a musical life with the demands of law school! 
  • Stealing Oceans - Fronted by Brian Thompson '06, S.O. has performed on our campus to rave reviews. (In fact, our students requested him when we launched the Studio Hyde idea.)
  • Bay Ledges - Led by frontman Zach Hurd '99 (songwriter/guitar/vocals), LA-based Bay Ledges has released 5 songs that have amassed over a million "hits" on Spotify, including "Safe" with 12M+ hits! 
  • Mark Radcliffe (former faculty member) - This former faculty member singer/songwriter/guitarist Zoomed into class from his NYC/Lower West Side apartment and shared his music with us.
  • John Hiatt - What a treat for this 2-time Hyde alum parent (not to mention, 9-time Grammy nominee!) to play music and talk with our students!
  • Chris Chickering '88 - This New Mexico-based singer/songwriter 
  • Matt Newberg returns! The former longtime Hyde music and current Maine head of school was eagerly welcomed by his former students.
  • Georgia Hurd '03 and Bailey Kent '18 - We eagerly await this double-bill of singer/songwriter alums to wrap up our program! 

Malcolm Gauld '72

News & Events
  • "Bath’s Hyde School continues character-based education remotely amid coronavirus" Apr 15 Portland Press Article. Read

  • Malcom Gauld '72 & Laura Gauld '76, share life lessons on parenting and helping families develop charatcer in challenging times. Listen

  • Bob Felt '90 & Jason Warnick '98 presented "Tale of Two Alums...The Journey From Reluctance To Gratitude to currrent families on April 22. Listen
Alumni Updates
  • Jason Warnick '98, newly appointed Headmaster at the Wayland Academy in Beaver Dame, WI.

  • Kelly Umutoni '12, from Hyde to the attend Clemson's School of Architecture. Read

  • Robert Ahlers '84, "I just retired!"

  • Mike Cannon '11, recently promoted to Junior Partner at The Walker Gaffney Group at Morgan Stanley.

  • Joseph Ferlatte '96, is excited to be welcoming their second child.

Join Hyde & The World for #GivingTuesdayNow
" I believe in leading by example, that's why I've decided to give back 20% of my salary in April and May to add to this critical fund."
Laura Gauld '76
#GivingTuesdayNow is a global day of giving and unity on May 5, 2020 as an emergency response to the unprecedented need caused by COVID-19.

The Hyde community has asked
"How can I help right now?

We hope you will join us this week to committ to at least one act of generosity. Consider being a 'helping hand' by supporting the Hyde Family Fund . or reach out and check-in with somone in the Hyde Family.

Every act of kindness and generosity matters. And at Hyde, It's tradition.

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