July 2021
Switching Gears: Tune Up Your Techs for Heating Season!
It's only July, but now is the time to begin getting your techs ready for the change of weather and heating season. We have several units that can elevate your program and the curriculum to enable you to train the best techs in the field.
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TU-502 Gas Fired Heating Control Board

A complete set of electrical controls for a furnace (with air conditioning) to demonstrate basic principles and provide electrical service experience.

With this table-top HVAC/R trainer, technicians receive interactive education around heating systems.
TU-302 Control Board, Electric Heat Trainer

Standard with a complete set of electric furnace operating controls, it's perfect for students learning the basics of electric heat control systems.

TU-9250 HVAC Controls Training System

As a companion unit to the TU-9240, this HVAC controls training system is a great demonstrator to show the complete cycle of a residential heating and cooling system.

Built as a tabletop unit with 12 modular panels, it functions as a working model so the instructor can teach the basic principles of heating and cooling, complete with all the elements. 
TU-208 Combination Forced Air & Hydronic Heating Trainer - Customized with a Gas Furnace

Provides demonstration and service practice with forced air and hydronic heating systems, including hot water heating systems.

All components are standard brands of equipment, full size and completely operational.

Includes a student experiment manual specifically written for this equipment
TU-406C Residential Heat Pump Trainer

Future technicians practice troubleshooting wiring, piping and controls with this unit. Also, they can easily observe the refrigeration heat pump cycle and the fluid stage of the refrigeration cycle. It comes configured with duct-work and a large digital display to show iManifold live readings.
TU-210 Hydronic Heating Training Unit

Demonstrate the operation of a radiator, boiler, unit heater and baseboard. There are three different boiler options including gas, electric or oil-fired. Each hydronic heating trainer has an expansion tank and can simulate failed components using faults.

New Train-the-Trainer Program Will Expand Workforce and Promote Carbon Reduction
The International Training Fund (ITF) of the United Association of Plumbers, Pipefitters, Sprinkler Fitters, Welders, and HVACR Service Technicians (UA) and North Park Innovations (NPI) are partnering on a Train the Trainer program on heat pump performance.

The session will be held on August 4, 2021 from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM.

See the press release and invitation for more details and registration information.
Meet our Winners!
Our June Contest winners received a $200 Amazon gift card for sharing their experience in the HVAC industry.
"I'm 35 years old and my very first job was as an HVAC installer. I got into this profession because the summertime heat in Arkansas can kill you and I enjoy seeing the smiles on people's faces whenever I am able to fix their unit." -Jonathan Rimmer, Malvern, AR
"I got into HVAC/R after my family spent a week inside a house that was 90 degrees. I learned the text book part through Penn Foster. I subscribed to an HVAC/R magazine which had a lot of great info. I also learned from other people that had experience. I had so many people telling me I couldn’t get in the field but it shows if you try hard enough nothing can stop you from becoming whatever you want. I wish we had learning aids or simulators of some sort. Not everyone can read something and apply it." 
-Timothy Bates, Springfield, MO

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