May & June 2021
The first week of May is International Composting Awareness Week (ICAW). Compost is important for improving or maintaining soil health, growing healthy plants, reducing the use of fertilizer and pesticides, improving water quality, and protecting the environment. 

The theme for this year's ICAW theme is "Grow, EAT...COMPOST…Repeat" which highlights the circularity of the composting process, where materials flow from the farm or garden to the table, and back to the soil allowing us to grow more food. Composting is also one action that we can all take to prevent climate change. When food scraps and other organic materials are sent to the landfill, they break down anaerobically (without oxygen) producing methane. Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change. Composting, however, is an aerobic process (with oxygen) so it helps prevent or reduce the amount of methane emitted into the atmosphere during decomposition. You can reduce methane emissions and take action against climate change by composting at home.

Although it may seem intimidating, composting is easy, and you can start making a big difference right away! The City of Ventura offers a compost bin rebate program for residents. Just print out a coupon and bring proof of residency to Green Thumb to take advantage of this offer. Alternatively, you can build a DIY Worm Bin (see the video below). Visit the City of Ventura's website for tips on setting up or maintaining your worm bin. Happy composting!
Featured Video: DIY Worm Bin
Environmental Program Updates
Green Business
Free Marketing Toolkit for Green Businesses
Want to reach new customers but need some help with marketing? As a City of Ventura Certified Green Business, you will have free access to a marketing toolkit to help you maximize your reach and connect with environmentally conscious customers.
This Toolkit Contains:
  • Example language and customizable templates for social media posts and newsletters
  • Hashtags for Instagram and Twitter to maximize your reach
  • Creative marketing ideas for inspiration and more!
Become a Green Business today! Contact Lars Davenport:
Green Schools
The Green Schools Program celebrates Earth Month.

The Green Schools Program is back in the classroom! Throughout April and early May, the Green Schools Program provided over 32 virtual presentations and counting to local elementary students over Zoom. Presentation topics included waste and recycling, composting, watershed health, and energy.

The Green Schools Program also provided over 517 "Where Does It Go?" Coloring Books, which describes waste, recycling, and composting processes.

Visit Green Schools Program to learn more or contact Kelsey Hammond at to inquire about virtual lessons. 
Food Waste Prevention
Farmers markets are a great way to support our local agricultural community while reducing our environmental impact. When we buy local, we dramatically reduce the miles traveled from farm to table. That's a positive because transportation uses fossil fuels, emits greenhouse gases, and can result in wasted produce during transport and delivery. Visit either of the weekly farmers markets in Ventura:

Wednesdays 9am - 1pm at Pacific View Mall
Saturdays 8:30am - 12pm at Santa Clara St. and Palm St. in Downtown Ventura
Please remember to wear a mask and leave the pets at home. For more information, visit
Recycle Coach Tip
When placing items in the recycle bin, remember to keep them LOOSE and CLEAN. You do not need to bag your recyclables. Putting recyclables in plastic bags slows down the recycling process and can burden the sorting infrastructure. Also, "contaminated” or dirty recyclables that still contain food particles/liquids are not likely to be recycled so remember to scrape as much as you can off of your recyclables with a spatula, spoon, or whatever else you have handy. No need to rinse with water. Instead, conserve water and use a utensil instead to get those recyclables as clean as possible.  

Download the Recycle Coach App and use the what-goes-where search function to learn how to dispose of items properly.
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