Farah Samawi is a 2020 graduate of NBS. As most NBS students, she plans to take a gap year to prepare for her Psychometric exams and focus on her next steps.

Farah is a Believer and she has a strong desire to learn more about the Bible and to share her faith. She has become a student of apologetic writings and during the Corona period has started an Instagram and Facebook page called Why we Think. She has written a short book about her personal faith journey. In it she hopes to have answered a few difficult questions that concern her generation. She shares that the break from the outside world helped her discover more about herself. She learned that tomorrow is uncertain to everyone except God.

She, like high school students around the world, missed her classmates during the COVID-19 shutdown. Even though school has returned, limitations still exist. For example, her Model United Nations (MUN) club meets via Zoom.

Congratulations to Farah and all of the 2020 NBS graduates!