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December 2011
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Lana's The Little House - Holiday Newsletter 

Happy Holidays Everyone

It is Tuesday, December 6, 2011 here at Lana's The Little House. The view from, the Morning Room facing the pond and south hill may as well be a portrait from the UK rather than Chautauqua County, NY.  It is lovely, the fog is settling in the meadow beyond the pond as the temperature has fallen to 36 degrees. As beautiful a scene as it is -- where is my snow? 

My snow spotter duties for the National Weather Service Buffalo Office are getting rusty.  I had my 2011/2012 spreadsheet ready for entries since mid October.  I have measured snow only three times:  a trace of wet snow on 10/27/11 (see photo below), 2 inches on 11/11/11 and 2 inches on 11/17/11 and all three times the snow was gone by the end of the day.  So, where is our Western New York winter and first big lake effect snowstorm?  

The Little House, October 27, 2011

My Mom (age 87) and I were reminiscing yesterday about Christmas celebrations when I was a kid at our house in Eggertsville, NY.  My Mom enjoyed decorating the house and inviting all the relatives for dinner. She reminded me of the many Christmas celebrations with no snow and how she was greeting the relatives on the front steps with no need for a coat.  So, maybe Christmas Day 2011 will be a no winter coat day to put in the memorabilia book.

The snowfall records at the Little House for November 2010 and November 2009 reported 3.01 inches and zero inches respectively.  November 2007 recorded 26.75 inches.  December 2009, 2008, 2007 recorded 37.60, 37.65 and 44.00 inches respectively.  We have only 25 days remaining in December to catch up!  I'll keep you posted.


The season totals at The Little House for the last 6 winter seasons are as follows:
2010/2011:  134.01"
2009/2010:  127.15"
2008/2009:  167.75"  (very nice!!!)
2007/2008:  133.00"
2006.2007:  141.00"
2005/2006:  113.40"
Six Year Average:  136.05"

Since we have no snow now, I went searching through my old winter photos.  Here is a photo of The Little House back in the winter of 2004.  I've lost all those locust trees since this photo was taken.  Thanks to the Hamlet family, I have a beautiful maple tree in place of the fallen locust trees.  I'll write more about the Hamlet maple tree in a future mailing.  It is a great story of how nice life is here in my little town.

winter 2003
The Llittle House, Winter 2004


So, it is three years in a row with little to no snow in November. 

The Pets
I'm sure you all remember the stories about my calico cat, Barney (aka Elizabeth Taylor). She will be 7 years old soon.  Buddy,
my last orange cat died in March, 2010 from cancer. In August, 2011 I was sitting on the stone bench in front of the cottage wishing another

Joey, Jr. Oct 2, 2011 

orange cat would show up at The Little House.  My wish came true. In mid September, I opened the front door of the cottage and there was a poor little starving orange cat begging for help. I looked at the cat and immediately called him Joey, Jr.  He reminded me of a skinny cat named Joey my neighbor, Cindy, had a few years ago, thus the Joey, Jr. name.  This photo was taken on October 2, 2011 about 3 weeks after Joey, Jr. arrived.  Joey, Jr. is no longer skinny -- 

he is a big cat and has long legs.  He is 15 months old now, funny and playful.  Barney and Joey, Jr. are best pals and make a cute couple.


Barney (aka Elizabeth Taylor), Summer 2011 
Our Most Popular Blends
The 2011 Top 20 Most Popular Blends will be finalized on December 31st.  Who can wait - not me -- Here are the 2011 Top 10 Blends as of 12/6/11:
  1. Snowflake
  2. Chocolate Cherry 
  3. Cinnamon Orange Black 
  4. Chocolate Strawberry 
  5. Christmas Tea 
  6. Chautauqua Blend 
  7. English Breakfast 
  8. Black Current 
  9. Cinnamon Orange Green 
  10. Walnut Green


Snowflake continues as the runaway winner for the 5th consecutive year.  Walnut Green is a new blend introduced in May, 2011 and already hit the the top 10 list. 


We are always here to help with your tea shopping, including teapots, tea accessories and special requests.  You may order from our online tea store, by phone or at the cottage.

Tea Lover Reviews
We always encourage product reviews from our tea lovers around the world.  Here are a few of our favorites:

Cottage Garden Roses
***** Perfect!
I have been looking for a nice strong rose tea, and this is the one! I've tried a number of brands, but they weren't "rosy" enough for me. This is an excellent tea with a strong rose flavor. No bitterness - nice and smooth. I highly recommend this tea!
New Hampshire tea lover, 10/1/11

***** The best part of early summer
The aroma is amazing, like a walk in my rose garden, minus the bees...but add a little honey in the tea and there you are. Beautiful. Taste is smooth, full, delicious.
Pennsylvania tea lover, 10/1/11

Snowflake Tea
Recieved the tea very quickly with very helpful, detailed brewing instructions. Tea is absolutely delicious!!!!!! Like dessert in a cup!!!!
Berwyn, PA tea lover, 11/23/11

***** Snowflake Tea - Decadence in a cup
My husband and I enjoy a really good cup of tea. Lana's Snowflake Black Tea sounded so interesting and the five star reviews made it simply irresistible - I had to try it. The delivery was very fast and it was nicely packaged. When my husband saw we had new tea he had to open it. The next thing I heard, "Wow, you have got to smell this". The aroma is so wonderful, the sweet scent from the coconut and almond fills the air and the hints of vanilla are simply divine. While the fresh aroma is intense the smooth taste is beyond compare, a great substitute to after dinner desserts. Its calming essence makes it great for a quiet evening at prepared to indulge your senses.
North Carolina tea lover, 7/28/11

SF Tea Lover
This the perfect dessert tea. I have given up sugar, but love coconut, and this is the perfect replacement. The smell in the bag is intoxicating, but it mellows to a soft vanilla/almond/coconut smooth sweetness when brewed. I have many excellent teas in my collection, but this beats many of them, especially if you are craving something sweet. Thank you Lana, please keep making (and quickly shipping) this fantastic tea!
San Francisco, CA tea lover, 2/24/11

Chocolate Cherry
I can't drink anything else now!
I just received this wonderful tea and can't get enough of it. When I opened the bag for the first time, I was delighted by the tea's aroma. I then made a cup and was in heaven. It has a rich, delightful taste, is well balanced and leaves you wanting more - like a fine dessert without all the calories!
Philadelphia, PA tea lover, 2/8/11

Customer Service
***** I was greeted by a hand written thank you note when I received my package. Great Company ; )
Livingston, NJ tea lover, 12/3/11.
Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy holiday season.  Thank you for your continued business and for sharing the news about Lana's The Little House with your friends, family and business associates.  It is greatly appreciated.

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