Membership Monday
EVERYTHING has changed during these past ten days.

Our local business owners, though, are responding with creativity, compassion, and some Catskill Mountain ingenuity to care for their employees, deliver products and services to residents, and remain the cornerstones of their communities.

The Delaware County Chamber of Commerce, as the unified voice of business, supports these efforts and, during this anxious time, will continue to be a trusted source of accurate and timely information. Here are a few steps we are taking to help business owners (and all of us!) navigate through these troubled waters:
  • features a COVID-19 resource page for businesses, including links to healthcare agencies, government officials, and our business association partners. Enter keyword in the search box at
  • Partnering with our friends at the MARK Project and our local chambers of commerce throughout Delaware County, we’re helping connect restaurants, farm stores and stands, beverage producers, bottle shops, and general stores with customers at
  • We’ve re-launched our “I Pledge” campaign to remind everyone how important it is to support the businesses that support our communities. “I Pledge” posters are available in the foyer of the Chamber office at 5 ½ Main Street in Delhi for you to pick up and display.
  • As the tourism promotion agency for Delaware County, we are following the example of I Love NY and have removed many upcoming events from our website. We will, though, be highlighting the many great events, historical and cultural venues, and performance spaces we have in the county with videos. We STILL have great things to do and, hopefully, we’ll enjoy them again soon. We’re also encouraging our event organizers to continue to plan. We will need to celebrate once we are on the other side of this crisis, and we need to be ready for the recovery.
  • Our advocacy efforts remain in high gear. Chamber staff remain in close contact (via email and phone, of course) with local, state, and federal officials to ensure that government actions reflect the real needs of local business owners. My participation as a panel member on Congressional Representative Delgado’s electronic town hall meeting last Friday is a testament to our continued effectiveness and the private-public partnership we have forged.
We’ll continue to develop innovative ways to support our members and other businesses in this uncertain time.

Let’s remember that Delaware County residents--whether full- or part-time, generational families or recent transplants--are resilient people. Let’s make sure that we make decisions (and facebook posts!) that are based on accurate and current information.

One last thought. We’re just at the beginning of whatever this may be. It will be about “WE”. Our tradition is to support each other and act as neighbors. WE are going to get through this. WE are neighbors. WE are resilient. WE are Delaware County. #StrongerTogether

" I Pledge", Now More Than Ever
We are re-launching our "I Pledge" campaign as a way to remind everyone of the important roles our small businesses have in our communities.

Here is a link to a digital copy of the image. Use it on your website and social media posts, print and post in your business or in your window, share it with friends.

Printed copies (11 x 17 inches) are available in the front foyer of the Chamber office in Delhi.

Let's deliver this important message.
COVID-19 Relief CARES Act Signed
T o better understand the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act and how it impacts you, we encourage you to review this  updated summary  from the US Chamber of Commerce, which breaks down the final stimulus package and provides analysis for the business community. 
Local Media Offering Promotion Specials
Product and service promotion does not stop during a crisis. Several local media outlets are offering special programs to Delaware County Chamber members.
  • Decker Advertising, publisher of The Reporter, County Shopper, and other publications are encouraging businesses to post that they are open for free on their websites, and in their newly created section called, WHAT’S OPEN. There are optional upgrades available to choose from as well. They are also currently offering a discounted non-profit rate display advertising in The Reporter and County Shopper. Call 607-746-2178.
  • Bold Gold Media Group, broadcasting at Thunder 104.5FM in Hancock, is matching dollar-for-dollar advertising from businesses affected by the crisis. Call Dawn Ciorciari, General Manager at 845-794-9898
  • The Daily Star is extending non-profit advertising rates to all businesses in Otsego, Delaware, Chenango and Schoharie counties regardless of their tax-exemption status. This temporary change is being made in an effort to help our local business owners cut expenses during this unpredictable time. This rate reduction will remain in effect until May 1, 2020 for The Daily Star, The Cooperstown Crier and The Weekly Star. Contact The Daily Star at 607-441-7235.
  • The Mountain Eagle will include all businesses in their Open listing each week for free. Display ads for restaurants are half-off through the end of April. Call 607-652-5252.
New NY State Liquor Authority Rules
To help reduce the spread of the coronavirus and assist businesses impacted by the current state of emergency, Gov. Cuomo has ordered the State Liquor Authority (SLA) to promulgate guidance on new off-premises privileges for licensed businesses with on-premises privileges.

Some restaurant owners have questioned what constitutes "sealed container". Delaware County Sheriff Craig Dumond, in an email, noted: "My interpretation is a "sealed container" would include a beverage container with a lid and/or straw component....I can assure you we will be using sound common sense with this. The concern obviously, is folks using this as a means to somehow disregard the open container provision of the vehicle and traffic law and engage in drinking and driving. Please know I am speaking for my agency and not everyone else. However, based on my conversation with others, it appears this is the universal opinion."

As Sheriff Dumond noted, let's ALL use some common sense as we navigate through this uncertain time.
Online Workshops
The Chamber has partnered with New Haven Consulting Group, Inc. to provide our members with an online “Preventing Sexual Harassment" workshop that meets the requirements of the new law.

This program is available at a Chamber-member reduced price of $20 per participant.


Our partners at New Haven Consulting Group are also offering two FREE online workshops:

STILL Open for Business
Partnering with our friends at the MARK Project and our local chambers of commerce throughout Delaware County, we’re helping connect restaurants, farm stores and stands, beverage producers, bottle shops, and general stores with customers at .
A Timely Reminder from Middletown Board
Providing quality healthcare for employees can be a challenge.

Our members tell us that healthcare is a top concern for
their businesses. That's why the Delaware County Chamber has partnered with
the Small Association Leadership Alliance (SALA) to allow our members
access to a comprehensive and cost-effective alternative to traditional
insurance plans. The SALA Healthcare Program offers two preventative care plans
with a medical cost sharing program covering unexpected or catastrophic events.
Participants can expect to save as up to 60% when compared to traditional group
health insurance. Prescription drug and telemedicine programs are also
included. The SALA Healthcare Program helps businesses, who are unable to
provide group health insurance, offer their employees access to affordable,
high quality healthcare.

For more information visit us online at
In our effort to help all businesses succeed, we want to feature YOUR business here and on our social media channels! If you've received a "Business Feature" email request from our office with a short questionnaire, please answer the questions and submit a jpeg logo or photo that you think best depicts your business, and send to Lillian at

If you have not received an email yet, please feel free to copy and paste the below-listed questions into an email, along with a logo or photo, and we will be happy to help promote your business!
Business Name:
Contact info including mailing address, website address, email and social media information:
Hours of operation:
Number of Years in Business/Year Business Opened:
What types of services or products does your business provide?:
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