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Have you signed up yet for our annual Run Walk Wag to be held in September?  If not, go to this event's website at
It's official, the 5k at this event has been named the official 5k for the Mass. Senior Games!  We are very excited and honored to have our 5k as the official run for the senior games.  This means that anyone 40 and over can also be a part of the senior games competition.  No, 40 is not a senior but they have age designated categories starting at age 40.  For details, go to our Run Walk Wag website!

Update On Shadow fka Wally!





Hi Second Chance,
We adopted Shadow (formerly known as 'Wally') 3 months ago, and it already feels like he has been a part of the family forever! He was one of the dogs rescued from the Ohio hoarding situation. We renamed him Shadow because he is super loyal and wants to be with us no matter where we go! He has adjusted very well and has befriended the cats, which is awesome. He LOVES cuddling, and is super smart. He already knows sit, stay, lay down, paw, spin around, play dead, and rollover! That's only the beginning, he loves to learn. He also absolutely loves his frisbee and 'treat ball,' which has kept him entertained for hours. Thank you for everything, especially for introducing Shadow into our lives!

The Sobolewski Family

The POKER RUN is coming!



Our poker run is scheduled for September 14th (the day before our Run Walk Wag)!  This is part of our animal weekend!  The ride takes off from ourWellness Center in North Brookfield.  For full details, go to our website at
Come join the fun!!!  
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At Second Chance we are always looking for more ways to make our homeless pets more comfortable during their stay with us.  A recent music project has proved extremely successful in helping to make our pets happy.  Now we want to expand that project throughout the shelter!
Music Makes The Difference!
Second Chance was a participant in the Rescue Animal MP3 Project.  This project provided our shelter with an MP3 player loaded with soothing music that played on a timed basis in one of our dog kennels.  We monitored this kennel area compared to the others.  And, what we found was an overwhelming difference!  The dogs were much calmer and there was far less stress barking.  Sheltering pets can be very stressful for them because no matter how many comforts and enrichments we provide, it is never the same as being in a home.  However, the addition of this specific music really made a difference.
So, we want to expand this to our two other kennel areas for dogs as well as the two cat areas.  Each preloaded MP3 player with timer costs about $50.00. 
If you would like to sponsor one of these MP3 players, please use the donate button on this email and note that it is for the MP3 Project.  The pets will be very happy with your sponsorshp of more music to their ears!!!
Overwhelming Response!
Thank you to everyone for your overwhelming positive response of our recent major announcement!  We are very excited to be providing subsidized veterinary care to those in need.  We are also very excited at those that want to come to our veterinary clinic that will be paying full price because they don't qualify for the subsidized care.  Funds from those that pay full price will help to fund medical care for pets in need.  It is a win-win for everyone! 
We could not do programs like this without the support of our community.  Thank you or being a part of this exciting new program!!!





There is always something that we are running low on.  People often ask us what we are in the most need of.  So, we are adding this to our weekly enewsletter.


This weeks need:


 Gas Cards For Our Transport Vehicles


To see our complete list, go to:








   There are always ways to help the shelter for free that are a HUGE help to the homeless pets.  Here is this month's featured way!
Want your old books to help pets? Second Chance Animal Shelter is raising money through donations of used books, CDs, DVDs, records and audio books. The shelter has placed a drop-off donation container to collect these items from community members who'd like to repurpose their used goods while also helping Second Chance raise money. The shelter will be paid on an ongoing basis for all items collected in their donation container.

The gray book donation container, distinguished by its purple and yellow 'Got Books?' signs, is located in the parking lot of Second Chance's Pet Wellness and Education Center at 372 North Main Street in North Brookfield. This program is an ongoing fundraiser and donations can be made by the public at any time. Books can also be dropped off at Second Chance's Adoption Center at 111 Young Road in East Brookfield. All funds raised through the collection of these donations will be used to help pets in need.