North Miami Code Compliance Department
A Message From the City of North Miami Code Compliance Team

The month of October is recognized as National Code Enforcement Appreciation Month. In the City of North Miami, we use this time to thank our local Code Compliance Officers for their dedicated work, especially, in 2020, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Though the valuable work of Code Compliance Officers often goes unnoticed, members of the North Miami Community are urged to use this special edition newsletter as an opportunity to better acquaint themselves with the goals and objectives of this dedicated team.
What Is A Code Compliance Officer?
Code Compliance Officers play a vital role in keeping North Miami clean, beautiful and safe for our residents, business community and visitors. The North Miami Code Compliance Team serves as the eyes and ears of our community. They often have direct contact with residents and business owners, which cultivates meaningful relationships between the City and the community.

Though it is not state mandated, each North Miami Code Compliance Officer is certified through the Florida Association of Code Enforcement. This certification equips our local Code Officers to skillfully eliminate blight and neighborhood deterioration, while also enhancing property preservation and life safety, with the team’s “Code Cares” approach. The “Code Cares” approach encourages compliance through education and success resources, rather than penalties. 

Friendly Compliance Reminders
North Miami’s Code Compliance staff carries out their responsibility of improving the health, welfare and quality of life of our residents through enforcement of the laws and codes adopted by the City. A major component of this process is to provide a timely response to reports of potential violations by community members. Such a response often includes an in-person inspection.

North Miami’s 10 most commonly reported violations include:
Example of Tree Abuse
Example of Parking Illegally
Example of Illegal Dumping
Construction Without Permits

Protected Tree Removal Without Permits / Tree Abuse 

Oversized Bulk Trash Piles

Inoperable Vehicles

Illegal Parking – As Applicable Per Miami-Dade County Ordinances

Storage / Parking of Recreation Vehicles

Short Term Rentals

Unsafe Structures / Abandoned Properties

Business Licensure

Public Nuisance (Graffiti, Overgrown Grass, Dirty / Unsecured Pools)
Code Compliance Officer with mask on face placing Code reminders at homes
Code Compliance During the COVID-19 Pandemic
The role of North Miami’s Code Compliance Officers expanded in March 2020, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. As our community faced the challenges brought on by the pandemic, our Code team worked alongside the North Miami Police Department to enforce emergency orders with the goal of ensuring our community was kept safe.
Code Walk and Talk
Wednesday Walk
and Talk With Code
Maintaining positive relationships and an active community presence is the North Miami Code Compliance Department’s ever-present goal. This mission was recently furthered through our new “Wednesday Walk and Talk With Code” community outreach initiative. On Wednesday afternoons, Code Compliance Officers travel on-foot, through a different North Miami neighborhood. This is an opportunity for them to get to know residents, while sharing educational material and helpful resources about remaining code compliant.
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Connecting With Code
Special thanks to our North Miami Code Compliance team for its dedication and commitment to our City!

Whether it’s Code Enforcement Month, or any other day of the year, your local Code Enforcement Officers want to connect with you. For the latest updates and information about code compliance, reporting violations (using the myNoMi App and other methods), or following-up on citations, visit
For media inquiries email