Presidential Birthplaces: From Humble Beginnings to Greatness

PBS Image - Lincoln Cabin

Not every great leader was born with wealth and privilege. In fact, some of the greatest U.S. presidents came from the most humble of abodes. This Fourth of July we look at some of our favorite presidential birthplaces.

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Top-15 Log Home Manufacturers

In July we are celebrating National Log Home Month. During the month of July, log home manufacturers will honor America's log home heritage by hosting home tours, log raising demonstrations, log home building seminars and more. There are many different sizes and styles of log home construction to suit any homeowner's vision.
Here we present the TOP 15 Log Home Manufacturers, and invite you to visit their websites and see what they have to offer.  Each manufacturer is outstanding in quality of craftsmanship, and this is not a ranked list.

Pigment finish
Why Log Homes Need Pigmented Finish

Let us assume that you have a brand new log home, or a home that has had an old finish recently removed. The bare wood is nice and bright, and the color is exactly what you always envisioned for your log home. What's wrong with applying one or two coats of some type of clear sealer to hold the color of the wood and protect your logs from rain, snow and ultraviolet (UV) light damage?

How Borates Work
For the past 30 years the most accepted and effective method for preventing infestations of wood destroying insects and decay fungi in log homes has been by impregnating the wood with a solution containing the element boron. Boron salts are referred to as borates and the most commonly used borate utilized for this purpose is disodium octaborate tetrahydrate (DOT), the active ingredient found in Armor-Guard, Shell-Guard and Shell-Guard RTU. The reason for using this material instead of borax or boric acid is because it has a much higher boron content per pound and is significantly more water soluble than other boron containing compounds. But what is it about boron that makes it so effective for preserving and protecting wood?
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sunlight damage
What is Causing Wood Damage? Coastal Living and Effects of UV Light
Protecting wood surfaces in a beach or water front environment is a challenging task. You are faced with numerous variables that contribute to erosion and degradation of the substrate including sunlight, wind, moisture, salt, and sand. The two most destructive environmental variables to an exterior coating system and wood are sunlight and water.
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