Fall Into Sewing!
A Project-Based Shop Hop
Saturdays, Sept. 11th - October 30th

If there's anything we love better than fall weather and pumpkin spice, it's a great shop hop. What makes this one special is that you get a project to sew! If you're looking for something to get you out of the hot summer sewing doldrums, or just get a head start on some holiday gifts, we've got you covered!

Here's How it Works:
To participate, buy the bundle of 8 patterns for the featured projects. This gives you access to the exclusive Fall Into Sewing Facebook Page.

Kits for all 8 projects will be available for purchase, either individually or all together as a bundle.

On Saturday, September 11th and every Saturday thru Oct 30th, the featured shop will post a how-to video for that week's project.

Beginning next week, August 30th, each shop owner will do a FB Live to introduce themselves and their shops!  

Participating Shops, Projects, & Dates

  • Sept. 11: Be Sew Creative At Your Fingertips  
  • Sept. 18: Little Shop of Stitches Celebration Pillow
  • Sept. 25: Quilt n Bee Holiday Lights Table Runner 
  • Oct. 2: The Fiberology Lab Snuggle Up Pillow Quilt
  • Oct 9: Gossypium Quilt Pillow Pockets 
  • Oct. 16: Be Sew Creative Travel Checkers
  • Oct. 23: The Fiberology Lab Friendship Tote
  • Oct. 30: Little Shop of Stitches and Quilt n Bee Mitten Card Holder 

or call the shop at (575) 523-2000 for more info!

The sewing needle in the picture above was found in a cave in Siberia in 2016, and is around 50,000 years old.
National Sewing Month

Human beings have been sewing for a long, long time.

The earliest humans sewed animal skins together for clothing and shelter. Spinning and weaving were discovered (around 5000 BC in Egypt), and gave us woven textiles for clothing and bedding, first from flax, later from wool.
(Medieval women carding, combing and weaving wool, a detail from "Le Livre des clerés et nobles femmes" by Boccaccio.
How many times do you think they had to get up to feed the dog or let it out?)
The invention of better sewing tools and techniques let us create better fitting and more sophisticated garments, and once we got started, there was no holding back!
(Below:This is what a royal duke wore to get married in 1673. From the Victoria & Albert Museum, which houses one of the most amazing collections of clothing in the world. Please visit the site to see more!)

(Left: This Regency ballgown is in a style familiar to anyone who loves Jane Austen movies. Also from the V&A. Dated from 1805-1810)
Remember that the garments shown above were all sewn and embroidered by hand. Women have historically been responsible for the production of clothing, from weaving cloth to sewing clothes for their families. The outfits shown above were worn by wealthy people, who employed others to do the sewing for them.

Clothes are important, but women also stitched up bedlinens and tablecloths and other items for their homes, from pain and practical to the showpiece items like the quilt below.

(Dated from 1790 to 1795, this pieced and crewel-embroidered quilt was created by Martha Soules. This is from the collection of the National Museum of American History.)
While sewing by hand produced incredible work, there is no doubt that much of it was time-consuming drudgery. That's why we're so grateful for Elias Howe!
This handy-dandy item is Elias Howe Jr.'s sewing machine, patented in 1846. Features of his design were a needle with the eye in the point, an automatic feed, and a shuttle to form a lock stitch.
Why did he invent it? His wife took in sewing for others to bring in money, and he got the idea from watching her, hoping to mechanize the process.
It took a woman, though, to give us the zig-zag sewing stitch. Helen Blanchard (pictured right), patented the zig-zag stitch sewing machine in 1873. She patented 22 sewing machine designs and improvements in her lifetime.

Many sewing machine improvements and inventions started out for industrial use before they moved to the home sewing machine.
In 1893, Karl Gegauf invented the hemstitch sewing machine. Later they named the company for that big mountain nearby: Bernina.

Many familiar names in sewing machines pioneered innovations that are widespread now, like embroidery and dual feed. The 1980's saw huge leaps as companies adopted computers into the sewing process.

We've come a long long way from a 3" needle of bone!

Date Change!
Radiant Table Runner
Thursday & Friday, Sept. 16th & 17th
10am to 3:30pm
Ellen M.
Limited In-Person &
Online via Zoom

The rich colors in this table runner are enhanced by the shimmering metallic elements in the fabric and thread. This project is designed for the Baby Lock Solaris, Back Lock Solaris 2, Destiny, Destiny2, Meridian and Altair - using the IQ Designer. It can also be made on the Valiant in conjunction with a separate machine for sewing. 

In this class you will use the IQ Designer and built-in fill designs to quilt in the hoop. 
Class is limited to 6 students in store, and 10 on Zoom.

A fabric kit is available for $49.99, or you may use your own!
Kimberbell Embroidery Club
Saturday, Sept. 18th
10am to 3pm
Nicolle C.
Online via Zoom
We don't give a hoot, we think this owl is stinkin' cute!
September's Embroidery Club project is this adorable pot holder. Perfect for gifts or to decorate your own nest!

We're offering special pricing for Club members! Purchase 3 months and receive $5 off, or 6 months and get $10 off.

Note to all customers that Embroidery Club is available to local customers only, as the participation rules require that you physically come into the shop to get your designs.
The Together Quilt: Stitch Pink Sewalong 2021
Coming October 2021

Be Sew Creative is proud to be part of the 2021 Stitch Pink Event! We are taking preorders for the kits, which will include the pattern. If you only want the pattern, we can do that, too!

Please click over and take a look at Sherri McConnell's blog post announcing her pattern and the project!

Call the shop at (575) 523-2000 to pre-order!
Meet the New Baby Lock Machines!
Class Reminders
Stained Glass Hummingbird Sipper
Saturday, Sept. 11th
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