It's Train-Your-Dog Month!
  • New puppy?
  • Need a New Year's Resolution to help your Fido become the best he can be?
  • Want to earn a Trick Dog Title?
  • Does your pooch need to lose a pound or two?

Below are 6 ways ABC can help you reach your Training Goals!

Join us for FREE weekly Training Tips on topics from Potty Training to Advanced Tricks! We will also highlight student awards, titles and success stories!

The fastest & best way to get results with your dog is for YOU to take an active role. We hold Group Class twice a week and practice/teach skills from Basic Obedience to Fun Tricks. To encourage attendance and to strengthen the pet-parent bond, we keep the charge affordable at $50 a month for UNLIMITED attendance!
First session is FREE!

The most IMPORTANT time in your dog's training is when
they're a PUPPY!
Our Puppy Program is designed specifically to help your puppy develop into a socialized and friendly member of your family, while helping you set the foundation for Obedience and fun Tricks! Some attendees have already earned their Novice Trick Titles while enrolled.

January Special:
Sign up for two days & get the third FREE!
  • Why Tricks? They keep a dog's brain busy - engaged in fun!
  • With tricks, you can target a specific Behavior
  • Tricks can give your pup Confidence before heading to Group Classes?

Sign up for One-on-One
with our Trainer every
Wednesday's thru Saturdays!

January Special: $50 off any Training Package
Lodge-N-Learns help your pet gain consistent Training while you're gone for vacation or when you need time to focus on work. Each program is tailored to the specific needs of the pet and includes fun play, yummy meals and room service.

January Special:
$100 off Lodge-N-Learn Programs
If your dog needs to "lose a few" or burn some energy, and the weather here isn't cooperating, we can get your pooch exercised. We can put them safely to work on our safe dogPACER treadmill! Most dogs are jogging along confidently after only a handful of sessions! Treadmill work can easily be added while your pup is Lodging or even during a Daycare session!

January Special:
First 5 sessions for $50!