Your smile has the power to spread cheer in your community. And did you know that by simply being a Delta Dental of Arizona member, you're making a difference?

Delta Dental of Arizona is a not-for-profit dental service organization. Our mission is to improve lives by promoting optimal oral health. We do that by offering affordable dental benefits to people like you. But we also partner with nonprofits across the state to fight oral disease and increase access to dental care for underserved and uninsured Arizonans.
See How We're Making A Difference
Delta Dental of Arizona has teamed up with Phoenix Children’s Hospital on an oral health educator program to focus on lowering the infection rates of patients with central lines. Katharine Martinez, MPH, RDH runs the program that educates physicians, nurses, staff, parents and patients on oral health care during and after diagnosis, how to manage oral health and symptoms during treatment.
Looking For More Ways To Help?
AZ Charitable Tax Credit
You can help spread smiles this holiday season when you donate to Delta Dental of Arizona Foundation! Every penny you donate directly supports oral health programs throughout the state.

Plus, when you give, you get a little too! Here's how:
  • Delta Dental of Arizona Foundation is a 501(c)(3) and a qualified charitable organization under the Arizona State Tax Credit program.
  • If you file single, you can donate up to $400 to Delta Dental of Arizona Foundation and receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on your state return.
  • If you file married, you can donate up to $800 for tax credit.
  • Use this qualifying charitable organization code on your tax form: 20261

It's that easy! Just donate, receive, repeat!
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