Parishioners and Friends:

Throughout these days we have sometimes found ourselves focusing on what is not in our lives. Even though we have begun gathering for mass on the weekends we sometimes see only what we cannot do and no longer have. Perhaps this week we need to look at ourselves and see what is not lost and how we can be a source of blessing to one another. I read a story from the Catholic Digest that reminded me of this truth. I first read it for its title which was, “I lost my hair, but not my faith!” .

It was just a few weeks after her surgery; the chemotherapy treatments had begun.  Every morning, Kathryn would comb her hair — and every morning she would pull out another clump of her beautiful hair from the brush.  This side effect was hitting her harder and harder.

One morning, she felt the top of her head and, for the first time, she could count the strands.  But she felt strangely at peace.  She held each strand — just as God, in his providence, could count them from the moment God breathed his life into her.  She became aware of God present in the love of her family and friends who were supporting and suffering with her.  She remembers thinking:

“I felt comfort knowing that God knew how many strands were in my brush, on my pillow, in my hat, and in my hand.  God had counted them all.  With or without my hair, God knew me and what my future held.  I was still anxious— of all that was ahead — but I knew that God would be with me through it all.” 

No wonder Kathryn entitled her reflection; I lost my hair, but not my faith”.

We will miss God’s presence if we see only loss. We will never regain a sense of hope if we do not realize that presence of God in our lives. We can find such peace if we look at what is instead of what is not. 

This pandemic has taken much from each of us but if we have eyes of faith we can see what we truly have right before us. As Kathryn said we may of lost somethings, but not our faith!

Father Don