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A Note from Tom Seay
It is not too early to plan
Last week, my wife, Pat and I met our son and his wife for dinner. As he is a sheriff's deputy, he glanced at my car tags and asked if I knew my car tags were expired. Yep, they sure were. 

When I got home, I went on-line to renew it. The Virginia DMV was kind enough to also show my driver's license expires this Spring. My horse trailer expires in February and my stock trailer's State Inspection ran out on the 31st as well.

In our fast paced lives, we often overlook the details of routine things. So, in this article, I thought I would reflect on some simple things that we do each year to get ready for that first trip the season. 

First, take a moment and check your driver's license renewal date and that of your spouse. Make a hard copy on the printer and put it in your truck. I know folks will write and say that paper copies are not legal, but if you misplace your license, that hard copy makes things easier in a traffic stop. I also make a hard copy or second copy of my insurance information, and Coggins papers.

Get a credit card for fuel only. If it gets stolen or hacked, it has a maximum value such as $300, $500 or whatever you choose. This safeguards your other higher limit cards.

Go by your bank and meet the manager. If something goes wrong on the road, it gives you a real person to call who knows you. You would be surprised what a bank manager can do for you in an emergency, if they know you. They can also flag your bank debit card that you are out of the country or traveling. Most debit bank cards will not work out of the country. Some banks will decline purchases out of your usual purchase areas. Knowing your local bank manager can fix a lot of stuff.

Call your vet and check to see if there are any special requirements, such as specific vaccinations, for your equine in the state you are traveling to. There may be a regional outbreak that limits travel or requires specific vaccinations or tests before they will let you bring an equine there.

Each spring, I take my LQ trailer for a quick 'spin around the block'. My destination is the local feed co-op. I have the truck and trailer weighed. At most feed mills or co-ops, there is no charge. This accomplishes several things: First, you get a check of the electric brakes, signals, lights and wiring to see if they all work. Second, you get a printed weight slip with date and weight printed on it. With larger trailers these days, it gives you something to show a local police officer as an assurance that you are not overweight. It happens. It also lets you rest easier when you approach that remote ride location when you have to cross a local bridge with a weight restriction.

Your health: Write neatly on an index card your insurance and health information (including one for each family member). If there is an accident, most rescue squads will not let you go with them to the hospital, especially if there is a helicopter flight involved. This gives the rescue folks the ability to save time at the hospital as the card shows, blood type, any allergic concerns, a list of medications being taken, your doctor's name and contact information, your insurance information and your contact information so they can also call you. I know hospitals deny it, but decisions can be made quicker with this information including if you have insurance. In the event of an accident, simply pin the card on the injured person so no time is lost waiting for information for faster treatment.

When we travel, we have two different people to check on our place. If one person can not come by, you have a back up. Usually, I have one person come by in the morning and the other in the afternoon. Make sure they know how to take care of things such as feeding, the name of your insurance company, if there is a storm or accident, such as someone driving through a fence. They should know how to feed or care for your animals. They should be able to get your mail and know your neighbors. Make sure they know how to get in touch with you and the place you are going. 

Finally, we have picked out every 100 miles or so an emergency stop over. When you have an engine problem, a sick animal or a weather emergency, you have a back up travel plan. If you do not know of a place to stop in an emergency, you can also call our office and we may know of someone close by to help you out. 

These suggestions are brief and the list of suggestions can be endless, but this might help in your planning for a new riding season.

As always, you can contact me directly at my personal e-mail, or call our office at 540-829-9555.

Tom Seay
Bring your horse to Tom & Pat Seay's farm in Culpeper, VA to work and drive cattle-- no experience necessary! Enjoy southern style, home-cooked meals. Stall and electric hook-ups are available. Spaces are limited.

September 13-14
October 18-19** (Daniel Boone Days)
November 1-2

Call 540-829-9555 to reserve your spot today!
Visit Tom & Pat Seay's home in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Andora Farm, to brush up your driving skills! Tom Seay will help you learn or sharpen your skills driving a larger rig, backing up and parking, attaching and unhooking the rig, safety practices, and travel tips! Class sizes are small, so spaces are very limited.

April 7, 2019
April 21, 2019
May 5, 2019
November 3, 2019

Call Lisa in our office at 540-829-9555 to reserve your spot today!
Tom & Pat Seay have been hosting team penning events for over 20 years. Riders of all ages and skill levels are welcome to participate, or you can bring your friends and family to watch our riders try for the fastest time! Practice is held every Friday night at Andora Farm, April through October (weather permitting).

Call 540-829-9555 for more information.
Come Along for a Ride with Best of America by Horseback
Upcoming Rides & Events
Seminole Feed Trail Ride Weekend at Spirit of Suwannee Music Park
Live Oak, FL - February 1-3

Tom Seay rides along the historic Suwannee River, and Seminole Feed will host seminars & demos. Plus, a banquet dinner & live music!

Equifest of Kansas
Topeka, KS - February 22-24

Show host Tom Seay is a premier presenter at the fest, now in its 22nd year! Stop by the booth to say "Hi!" to Tom Seay and producer Pat Seay.

Horse World Expo
Harrisburg, PA - February 28-March 3

Come to the 17th annual Horse World Expo and find the Best of America by Horseback booth where you can meet show host Tom Seay and producer Pat Seay.

Broxton Bridge Plantation
Erhardt, SC - March 8-10

Tom Seay heads to a historic plantation in southeastern South Carolina! This 7,000 acre plantation has over 80 miles of riding trails and has been in the same family since the mid 1700s.

Best of America by Horseback Rides the Chisholm Trail
Host T om Seay will lead riders on a portion of the historic Chisholm Trail over several days, visiting the historic towns that played a key role along the trail. The towns are planning events for the riders. Tom will be joined by singer, song writer Del Shields and the Best of America by Horseback staff. The ride will include a "kick off" banquet in Caldwell and an arrival banquet in Wichita. Join Tom & the BOABH crew in Kansas June 3-9, 2019!

Don't miss out-- call 540-829-9555 to reserve your spot!

Apr 12-13:   Equine Affaire - OH

May 18-21:   RFD-TV The Ranch - NM

May 23-26:   RFD-TV The Ranch - NM

June 3-9: Chisholm Trail - KS

Jul 20-23:   RFD-TV The Ranch - NM

Jul 25-28:   RFD-TV The Ranch - NM

Aug 2-4: Backcountry Horsemen Ride - ND

Sept 28-Oct 1:   RFD-TV The Ranch - NM

Oct 3-6:   RFD-TV The Ranch - NM

Oct 9-12:   RFD- TV The Ranch - NM

Nov 14th-16th: S henandoah Valley Equine Expo- VA

Apr 5-6:   Cattle Drive Weekend
A  pr 7: Truck & Trailer Driving Clinic  
Apr 19-20:   Cattle Drive Weekend
A  pr 21: Truck & Trailer Driving Clinic  

May 5: Truck & Trailer Driving Clinic  
May 31-Jun 1:  Cattle Drive Weekend

June 14-15:  Cattle Drive Weekend
June 28:   Team Penning Practice

Sept 13-14:   Cattle Drive Weekend

Nov 1-2:   Cattle Drive Weekend
Nov 3: Truck & Trailer Driving Clinic  
Tucker Saddles - Protect Your Horse's Back in Three Ways
A Tucker trail saddle isn’t just a saddle – it’s the ticket for horse enthusiasts and their beloved equine partners to ride for hours at a time while remaining comfortable. To provide trail riding enthusiasts with ultimate comfort, Tucker Trail Saddles is excited to introduce an entirely different level of comfort – the Horizon Series trail saddle.

“The new Horizon saddle series was developed from our innovation combined with thousands of hours of trail riders’ feedback,” said Steve Tucker, founder and president of Tucker Trail Saddles. “We believe these new saddles address all the needs of a trail rider to provide even more comfort for you and your horse.”

Tri-Tech Fit System 
Help protect your horse’s back in three ways with the Horizon Series by Tucker. Designed to provide hours of riding comfort for you and your horse, the tree base provides modest flexibility to accommodate conformation differences in your horse’s back. The skirt includes a flexible panel which maximizes weight distribution to help eliminate pressure points for your horse. Our flexible panel has a finger design that allows it to flex independently of the tree for a truly dynamic fit. To provide additional shock absorption and even more comfort to the horse, a Gel-Cush™ bar pad lines the flexible panel. Every Tucker saddle’s skirt is lined with genuine wool felt because of the tremendous natural shock absorption, the years of durable protection it provides, and over time it will not pack down like fleece.

Ergonomic Shock Absorbing Seat  (patent number 6,434,916)
The latest in Gel-Cush™ shock absorbing technology, we redesigned our shock absorbing ground seat by contouring it to provide a close contact riding experience while reducing impact. The sculpted cushion design features an ergonomic relief channel that helps eliminate pressure points in tender areas. Silicone matrix is paired with patented Gel-Cush™ to provide a more comfortable ride.

English Bridle Leather
Hand crafted with detail to the finest craftsmanship, every saddle in the Horizon series line is created from exceptional English Bridle leather that has a luxurious supple feel from the first time that you use it. The dye will not run or rub off and naturally resists moisture and the elements.

“We don’t just make saddles,” said Tucker, “we create a solution for trail riders to be unbelievably comfortable in the saddle for extended periods of time.”

Horizon saddles are finished with functional trim and stainless steel hardware engraved with the Tucker logo. From the advanced saddle tree system to the ergonomic shock absorbing seat, experience the most advanced equine riding system available. It’s more than another trail saddle – it’s the Horizon series by Tucker.
Annual Best of America by Horseback Awards
2019 Winner
Jim & Karen Mattos

Last year, Jim & Karen Mattos traveled to Belize with Best of America by Horseback and spent several days at Valley of Peace Christian School in Belize. Along with donating their time, the two also donated school supplies and financially support several of the students enrolled.
The Liz Malcolm Award
The Liz Malcolm Award is given to someone in the horse world that helps others with compassion and dedication. Liz and her sister, Kathy Baldwin, rode with us on the famous Mexico to Canada Trail Ride. Both of these ladies are extraordinary in so many ways and have done so much for so many people. Liz & Kathy devoted their lives to nursing, and Kathy organized a medical mission to the children in Belize. Their love of training and riding Tennessee Walking Horses is well known. Liz passed away several years ago and we felt, like so many of you, that she and Kathy were truly part of everyone's family. We feel when we announce the winner this year, everyone will say, "Well yes, of course! Liz would be proud."
2019 Winner
Maurice & Wanda Austin

Maurice and Wanda played an integral role in making our ride in Louisiana's Bogue Chitto State Park possible, and they continue to work for the development of horse trails throughout the state of Louisiana.
The Mike Phillips Award
The Mike Phillips Award is given to modern-day trailblazers. Mike was a trail boss and close friend on the Mexico to Canada Ride. Mike needed heart surgery but rode from old Mexico with us along the Rio Grande and continued every inch for over 1,000 miles until he had to go have his surgery. A friend without boundaries to me and so many others, he never stopped wanting to care for all around him and to help people in any way. He and his devoted wife, Wanda, spent many years with us traveling until he passed away several years ago. He helped Back Country Horsemen, worked the trails, and his love of horses and trail riding was endless. He overcame health issues to help all of us. This year's award will go to someone that Mike would have loved to spend countless hours with. The person we will name has done so much for all of us, and you will enjoy learning about that person.
2019 Winners
This year the Aileen Livingston Award goes to those people that wrote in and offered to help so many other s by offering to open their homes, their farms, their stables, their horse trailers and to assist in transportation, without charge, during this past year's weather emergencies.

It is heartwarming to include the people that wrote me during the flooding caused by Hurricane Florence and offered their farms, stables, homes, trailers and themselves to help others in the Best of America by Horseback family and the community. If I could copy you on the e-mails, it would bring tears to your eyes to read and know what amazing people are all around us. It is the times of emergencies that often bring out the very best in all of us, but also folks you may not have noticed or knew about. They are just good people. These people are what built America and they are in the fabric of every great community. 

Sometimes, when you feel there is nowhere to turn, it is people like this that pick us up physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Sandra Berette
Rosalyn & John Boren
Jackie Brown
Tari Clem
Ron & Carrie Cole
Sonia Early
Donna Gladstone
Tracy Lynn Hammond
Donna Jennings
Jillian Kennedy
Bettina Langham
Bernadette Manuel
Brian Moser
Jacque Meyers
Gail Palmer
Chris Petras & Cindy Martel
Wanda Phillips
Dawn Roberge
Butch Rogers
Samantha Sathanandan
Celia Simon
Nancy Stewart
Brian & Patty Thompson
The Aileen Livingston Award
The Aileen Livingston Award is to honor one of the finest people we have ever known. We had the pleasure years ago to meet John Wayne and to spend a day with Roy Rogers, but it is Aileen Livingston that I tell people is my most inspiring hero. Her love of horses and trail riding is inspiring, and her compassion for life and those around her, even in the face of health issues, has no boundaries. Despite a dozen reasons not to go, she rode across the country with us, hopping and skipping from place to place, all the way to California. Aileen is alive and well and will enjoy finding out who will be honored in her name. I suspect they wlll converse on the phone a bit when we announce who this will be.

Submit your nominations for the Annual
Best of America by Horseback Awards

Please include the nominee's name and the reason you think they should receive one of the three awards, including their services to their community &/or the horse world.
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Rhonda Kinser
is the January 2019 Winner of
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Mary & Lyle Jenkins
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Congratulations to All of Our 2018 Giveaway Winners
Margaret Milne, Arkansas
Denise & JD Chalfant, North Carolina
Terry & Roger Tetzlaff, Wisconsin
Danny Stewart, Alabama
Jerry & Lisa Cunningham, Ohio
Tracey & Richard McIntyre, Kansas
Holly Burley, West Virginia
Darbie & Rick Borovich, Ohio
Thomas & Bonita Lovette, North Carolina
Rich & Debbie Daniels, Washington
Lisa Best, Virginia
Faith Campbell, Virginia
Micky & Jerald Sandridge, Mississippi
Celia Simon, Tennessee
Kay Cary, Virginia
Monica Quarmby, Tennessee
James & Lorraine Brown, South Carolina
Monica Dean, Virginia
Donna Gottardi, Ohio
Nancy & Jack Young, Florida
Pat Johnesee, Michigan
Marguerite & John Barnett, North Carolina
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Trail Club Member Spotlight
Jeff & Rebecca Bouck

We live in Canada, right across the lake from Erie, PA. In addition to riding locally around home, we do bring our horses to the USA to trail ride. As you know, the USA has many great riding destinations. We have ridden mostly in Tennessee in The Big South Fork area in the spring for the past 6-7 years. However, since seeing your TV show for the first time last winter featuring Fort Valley Ranch in Virginia, we traveled with our horses there for a week. The above picture is Rebecca and I on the side porch there. We truly enjoyed the trip and found the fried oysters in many local restaurants to be tasty. Becoming Grandparents for the first time (granddaughter) and seeing the part of the show where Bill’s grandson walked into the store for an ice cream with his pony prompted me to make the reservation. 

We are currently booked for the September trail ride in Cook County, PA for my birthday and look forward to meeting you face to face and sharing some conversation.

Happy Trails
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