February 3, 2020

Dear Neighbor,

Tomorrow, the DC Council will vote on an emergency bill to keep Washington Met school open, an alternative school for students who had challenges in traditional schools. Last week, the Chancellor proposed closing Washington Met because of poor student performance and low attendance. The rhetoric is that the city is shutting down a low-performing school. The reality is that the city quit on this school years ago.
Today, Washington Met has approximately 150 students, no sports teams, no extracurricular activities, no library, no art teacher, and only three social workers. Until just days ago, their library was a room in disarray with books spilling out of boxes. In 2013, Washington Met had 280 students, sports teams, extracurricular activities, a librarian and a library, an art teacher, and a robust clinical team. 
These are students for whom other doors have been closed. These students will fall through the cracks if this school closes. Students who attend Washington Met have not given up on themselves despite tough odds. We cannot give up on them either. 
The emergency bill will keep the school open long enough for the city and stakeholders to determine the resources these students need and to get them those resources. 
As the legislative arm of DC government, the Council must be a check and balance on the executive. If the emergency bill fails, Washington Met will close at the end of this school year. 
CONTACT YOUR COUNCILMEMBERS and tell them to vote for the Washington Met emergency bill. 

Phil Mendelson, Chairman - 202.724.8083
Anita Bonds, At-Large - 202.724.8064
David Grosso, At-Large - 202.724.8105
Elissa Silverman, At-Large - 202.724.7772
Brianne Nadeau, Ward 1 - 202.724.8181
Mary Cheh, Ward 3 - 202.724.8062
Brandon Todd, Ward 4 - 202.724.8052
Kenyan McDuffie, Ward 5 - 202.724.8028
Charles Allen, Ward 6 - 202.724.8072
Vincent Gray, Ward 7 - 202.724.8068
Trayon White, Ward 8 - 202.724.8045

My Best,