6th January 2014

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It's OK to be proud of what you do.   
News and Comment from Roy Lilley

Hello! Welcome back... there are only two things that matter this year. The first is next year, 2015. The 7th May.  Polling Day.  Give-or-take, 500 days away. This year, 2014, might be the year of the dog in the Chinese calendar but for us it is the year of the Kanga and the Aegean Stables.


2013 was wasted. The Francis Report delivered delay and confusion. Ann Clwyd's complaints report is on a shelf someplace. Don Berwick's love letter to the NHS went the way of all such billet-doux; tied up in ribbon, in a box on top of the wardrobe. There was the Cavendish Review (What... who?) Loadsa stuff from Uncle Bruce and seven day working when no one is sure they can manage five, safely.  


Off-Sick and the Flat-Earth Society churned out stuff and there is a turf war between them, the TDA, the Carbuncle and the DH. Everybody scrambling to be tougher than the other. No one in charge.


My advice; throw the lot into the shredder. There is nothing in any of the reports that gut instinct wouldn't tell you and the rest is just noise. The bellicose call of 2013 was 'the NHS has to change'. No one has any 'hit-enter-ready' ideas how or into what.


LaLite's only job is to make sure the Tories don't lose because of the NHS.  Consequently he will become more interventionist; there will be more bungs, more blame and more bugle calls for the benefit of the front page of the Daily Mail. Tory high command knows they have screwed up the NHS and the pressure is on to fix before polling day.


The second thing for 2014, it's all about you.  


Here are 7 Things to think about:


Whether results are good or bad, remember; most people try to do their best. If things aren't right, figure out why and fix it. Ignore the Flat Earther's blame game, any fool can criticise; root causes are the only pathway to excellence. Most people will do better if you treat them better. 'Constructive Criticism' is too easily abused but some advice from a friend is always welcome.  


Make this the year of unfailing courtesy; good day or bad, good week or not, good month or iffy always end it on a high. There will always be something to celebrate. Make the words 'us' and 'we' the most used in your vocabulary and celebrate together.  If staff aren't talking, you are just not listening.


Top managers don't do great things; they clear time and space for their people to do great things. In one way or another everyone, everyday has the opportunity to be a leader.


You can't manage anything that you haven't smelt. You have to go there. Camp-out on the shop floor.  You need to know what they know - beg them to tell you.


Make it your personal goal to outperform everyone; out read them, out last them and always, always, always show up. Get 'spooky-good'. Evidence based anything is too clunky; evidence informed is nimble, deft and flexes to change.  Learn another skill, spend time on you. 


Bad managers copy bad managers. Beware of any who only use sports, or military metaphors. Talk the language of friendship and family.  Recognise the NHS employs more women than men and most patients, carers, residents and friends will be women.  Is your place women friendly?  How many senior managers and Board members are women?  


And..... I have to say it (again) protect the front-line, fund it properly, protect it fiercely, make it fun to work there and your problems will disappear.


You'll have to be a resilient realist this year. Don't expect anyone to ask you what you think, don't expect anyone to say thank you, don't expect any money for anything, don't expect anything with 'strategy' written on it, to work.  But, if you are feeling like you are losing the plot, remember... 


Aneurin Bevan said; "Illness is neither and indulgence for which people have to pay, not an offence for which they should be penalised but a misfortune, the cost of which should be shared by the community." 


It's our NHS; we pay for it, work in it, we look after each other through its fabulous skills and dedication.  You are part of that...  


It's OK to be proud of what you do.


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