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Use Your Time Wisely

Designed to accommodate injured athletes to be able to return to play faster and stronger. 
An injury should not stop you from training and conditioning the rest of your body. Take advantage of our program to get you back on the field!
  • Use practice time to schedule training sessions
  • Continue to train while your team is traveling
  • Stay strong, fit and mentally challenged while you recover
  • Our coaches work along side your doctor, physical therapist, athletic trainer and coach
  • Help prevent re-injury
Frequency of training is based on specific injury and anticipated recovery time.

Much of our focus with the athletes that we train year round is on injury prevention and keeping them on the field. The days of “no pain, no gain”, and training at 110% off the field year round are gone. During the off season, athletes can train at a high rate while in season, the focus becomes about maintaining fitness and keeping them healthy.
Our athletes that train consistently, even just one time per week, stay healthy and strong. They have a significantly lower rate of injury, which is one reason we have produced so many National Champions.

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