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This month's teacher giveaway is an Apeman portable mini projector!

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Need to Know: Course Changes
EDU 911, formerly titled "Science of Teaching and Learning," has been renamed to "Tech for Brain-Based Learning" to better reflect the course material and objectives.

This course explores research from the neuro and cognitive sciences, including topics such as brain-based learning (BBL), brain-targeted teaching (BTT), neuromyths, and the design of instruction. Participants will consider questions like "How does learning occur?" And, "How can educators design instruction to support optimal learning opportunities?" This course will utilize a variety of tools and strategies for instruction, assessment, and learner engagement.

If this is a course you overlooked in the past based on its name, you might consider taking another look.
Back to School Tips and Insights from Scholastic
The first week of back-to-school season is often long-anticipated for students and teachers alike (and probably stressful, too). Here are a few articles from Scholastic to encourage K-12 teachers in the areas of student engagement, welcoming activities, and classroom management.

Three Exciting, Brand New Courses
Online | October 12 — December 6 | Sign up by October 2nd !
Instructor: Jenny Krzystowczyk

3D design and printing has a place across all content areas and grade levels. Using various apps, tools, and design platforms, learners will develop the skills needed to fully and effectively integrate this methodology into their classroom setting for their own use and student-directed activities. 

Creating and using 3D printing encourages critical thinking and problem solving skills in students. Course learners will develop the design skills necessary to guide students in the printing process through software review, printer experience, and experimental design (aligning with ISTE standards). Participants will also develop curriculum connections with 3D design tools across any and all grade levels and curriculum.

A 3D printer is included at no extra cost for those that register for the course with graduate credits.
Online | October 19 — December 13 | Sign up by October 9th !
Instructor: Mara Linaberger

Mindful practices are rapidly finding their way into today’s K-12 classrooms globally, but research is still in its infancy. This course offers educators a mechanism for creating a “mindful classroom action research project” that will expand practice while adding to the current scholarship on the topic.

The prerequisite to this course, EDU 908: “The Mindful Classroom ,” is an entry level course which exposes practicing K-12 educators to the history of mindful practices through personal experiences. Its capstone activity, a full-blown lesson/action plan for the classroom, asks educators to take the practices they feel best fit their students into the classroom, while additionally contemplating a more mindful use of technology in the classroom.

Teachers who have completed “The Mindful Classroom” begin to utilize mindful strategies in the classroom right away — but they often struggle with feelings of isolation. Many participants have expressed a need for additional training and support in expanding both their personal and classroom practices.

As part of the Wilson/Eduspire MET program, this new course on the topic of mindfulness helps educators to expand practice through the creation of an action research project. It aims to support educators in increasing the depth of their mindful classroom experience, while sharing evidence about the effectiveness of mindful practices in their classrooms with a broader audience. It also supports MET candidates in preparing to write their thesis. “Mindful Research in Action” will help educators to develop the research skills which will help them to complete their degree while connecting the use of technology to the ISTE standards for students as well as utilizing the TPaCK model to support best practices.

Online | October 19 — December 13 | Sign up by October 9th !
Instructors: Alicen Hoy and Robin Seneta

GSuite is so much more than just sharing and real-time editing. Learners in this course will discover new and innovative ways to take some GSuite tools to the next level through the analysis and application of the 4C’s of learning.  

Becoming more advanced in GSuite usage is about imagining all of the creative ways that it can enhance learning for students in a classroom. Through this Advanced course, learners will dive deeper into the 4C’s of learning and use that knowledge as the backdrop for integrating GSuite in new and unique ways.
Master of Educational Technology Degree Recipient Testimonial
We've followed up with some of the graduates of the MET program to learn what they liked about it and whether they'd recommend the program to colleagues. This is what Pam Grimminger, a 4th grade ELA teacher from the Bellefonte, PA Area School District had to say.

Q: Pam, what have you enjoyed most about the MET program?
A: The courses were applicable to what was happening in my classroom, even when I taught elementary life skills support. Instead of learning about theory, I was able to take what I was learning and apply it to my classroom right away. The projects that were required didn't feel like something just to do, but were rather learning tools that I could implement in my classroom.

Q: How has the MET impacted your classroom instruction?
A: I have so much more knowledge about technology and how to use it effectively in the classroom. I feel that I am able to use technology to enhance my instruction and the learning of the students. I am able to effectively use my time and provide different ways for students to learn.

Q: Has there been an instructor in the MET program who you found particularly outstanding (and why)?
A: Honestly, they have all been wonderful! The instructors are available to answer your questions and are very supportive.

Q: How has the MET program helped you to achieve your career goals?
A: I feel that I am prepared to use technology to be effective in my classroom. I also feel that I am able to support my colleagues in the implementation of technology in their classrooms.

Q: Would you recommend the MET program to a colleague, and why?
A: Yes, I would. The knowledge and skills you gain will be valuable no matter what your grade-level or position. Technology is ever-changing and this program gives you an edge on how you can best use it in your classroom.

Q: What influenced you most to enroll in this MET program specifically?
A: I minored in information technology during my undergraduate studies. Although I already had a masters degree, I felt that the MET program went along with my undergraduate degree. I have always been interested in technology, and this was the perfect opportunity to combine education with technology.  

Q: How do Eduspire courses compare with other PD courses you have taken?
A: They are very practical! The theory is embedded, but it is not just read and respond. The approach of taking what you are learning and using it in your classroom is practical and effective.

Q: In a few words, how would you describe the MET program?
A: The MET program is practical, applicable, and convenient. Courses are available online and in person. What you learn will apply to your classroom and the work is practical for education today.
Growing Pains: Eduspire Solutions
Our software company, Eduspire Solutions, is now in 41 states! With the tremendous growth we've experienced over the last year, we're hiring - again! We are looking to add Project Coordinators to the team - preferably from CA or TX to increase client support coverage in the PST and CST or Mountain time zones, but applicants from PA and the East Coast are also welcome. Interested? View the job description below.
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