A Celebration 
June 2019

My Blue Dots Bell Ringing Ceremony

A New Tradition at the
Radiation Oncology at Stanford University

Bell Ringing
Olivia Chen, Gail Schauble, Sue McCollum, Dan Chang, MD

The Schauble Family Celebrating   

Message from
               Sue McCollum

It's Over - We Celebrate
When your radiation treatments are finally finished, it is a time of celebration for the patient, their family as well as for the staff caring for them. We wondered how could we put a period at the end of this sentence in their journey of life? Thus, a new tradition has been started at the Stanford Radiation Oncology Department at Stanford University with the help of My Blue Dots. A large brass bell has been installed and by ringing this bell they are exclaiming that their radiation treatments are over and they are moving on.

We are honored to have Gail Schauble be our inaugural My Blue Dots Bell ringer and delighted to commemorate Gail's last radiation treatment with a ceremony for her. Gail's quiet spirit and resilience has sustained her through this difficult time. Her positive attitude has been an inspiration to the staff at Stanford Radiation Oncology as well as to My Blue Dots.

We salute Gail, her husband Rob and daughter Kristen, who have stood by and supported her throughout her rigorous treatment. This day was a celebration for Gail and the start of a new beginning
This poem, "I'm Moving On" was written to acknowledge this special moment for all cancer patients as they embark on the next journey of their lives as Cancer Warriors.
I'm Moving On
This journey is now over 
So I celebrate this day.
It took courage and the support of others
But I'm finished and on my way

So I'll ring this bell to celebrate
That I am finally through.
I've fought the fight and am moving on
For there are new things I want to do.
Sue McCollum ©
We thank Gail, Rob, and Kristin as well as the everyone on the Stanford care team for making this inaugural My Blue Dots Bell ringing so special. We hope this new tradition for cancer patients will provide them inspiration as well as acknowledging their journey as they complete their treatments.
Cancer will be cured someday....and that day is coming soon.
 Until Next Time...          

Bell Ringing
Gail Schauble, Dr. Dan Chang, Sue McCollum

Bell ringing-group
The Staff, Friends, and Family at this inaugural event
of  the ringing of the My Blue Dots Bell 

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