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My promise to you is that your inbox won't be overloaded with emails from me.  However, after talking with several other business owners, having important news and updates sent to your inbox will be much more reliable than hoping you see something on Facebook or Instagram!  Don't get me wrong, I love social media, but I realized that using it as my primary form of communication was still lacking.  So hopefully this will be helpful!

And if not, that is perfectly fine too.  You are more than welcome to unsubscribe at the bottom, no hard feelings :-)

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The Paris Sessions
I am SO excited to be going back to Paris with Ben for our 5 year anniversary this November!  If you or someone you know will be in Paris that first week in November, we will be available for 2 photo sessions.  One has already been booked so there's just one remaining spot available!
The Latest Weddings
I say it all the time, but I am SO thankful for my couples that allow me to do what I find so much joy in doing!  And this year has already been so incredible.  If you've missed some of our 2016 weddings, you can click below to see them on the blog!                                                  

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Recent Births
Several years ago a friend of mine in Texas began posting the most incredible images from labor and delivery rooms.  And I knew it was something I wanted to experience for myself.  After photographing 10+ births the last several years (and having my own photographed in 2015!) I still cry every time I'm in that room and a new baby enters the world.                                                

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