NCDA&CS agronomists allow for extended window for Bermuda
Yesterday, the N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services issued an email stating that wastewater can be applied to Bermuda through Oct. 20.

According to Assistant Commissioner Dr. Sandy Stewart, Bermuda is by far the best crop to apply nutrients to at this point. "It is still actively growing, utilizing nutrients, and can still be harvested thus removing the nutrients applied," Stewart stated. "It is my opinion that a statewide pumping window extension should be granted until October 20, 2018 for Bermuda. Bermuda will continue to actively grow and utilize nutrients if the soil temperature stays above 65 degrees Fahrenheit. As mean ambient temperature dips below 60 degrees Fahrenheit growth will start to slow after several days. Dormancy will set in once mean ambient temperature reaches 50 degrees Fahrenheit for an extended period. If we look at the long-range forecast for Raleigh, mean ambient temperature only falls below 60 degrees Fahrenheit for one night prior to October 20th. Therefore, soil temperature should also remain adequate for growth and development of bermuda providing for nutrient uptake over the next 20 days. Stopping on the 20th will allow for timely harvest and adequate regrowth before heading into the winter months."
A copy of the below email should be maintained in the files of all operations choosing to extend the spraying/application window.
Calling ALL NCPork families!
We need your family photos for our North Carolina Pork Council display at the N.C. State Fair ! More than 80 percent of all pig farms in North Carolina are family owned and we want to prove it to fairgoers!

Also, the pork industry is more than just farmers. It's truck drivers, processing plant workers and feed mill operators (just to name a few!) We want pictures of families whose livelihoods depend on our industry. So spread the word!

Email photos to by Oct. 9.
The NC State Fair is Oct. 11-21!
Will you take the challenge?
We need transparency on the farm, but many people are unsure how to get started posting about their farm life on social media channels. The 31-Day Photo Challenge will help you share fun pics matching the theme of the day. It can be an older photo or a fresh photo - your choice! Join in! Be sure to use #WeCareNC or #RealPigFarming when you post!
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