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March 8, 2023

It’s Pothole Palooza!

You’ve heard of Lollapalooza, but did you know about the City of Santa Fe's Pothole Palooza?

Pothole Palooza is timed to take advantage of the first days of warmer, drier weather in the spring to make pothole repairs! 

Each year, City of Santa Fe Public Works crews start intensive work in late February/early March when the weather warms up to repair potholes on roads throughout in Santa Fe.

Two crews are working at least 10-hour shifts, 4 days a week, to expedite pothole repair. The crews split up to start repairs on either end of town and then work toward the middle.

The crews have filled over 1,000 potholes since work started last week!

Pothole repairs are made using two different kinds of repair material: a “cold mix" when the temperatures are low; and a more permanent “hot mix" that is applied when temperatures are high enough for the hot mix plant to operate.

During Pothole Palooza, a night shift crew starts work at midnight and addresses Priority 1 roads (these are roads with high amounts of traffic during the daytime) and some Priority 2 roads. During the day, when traffic prohibits work on large roads, crews work on Priority 2 and residential roads where the traffic is lighter.

Along with filling potholes on paved roads and filling work orders, the street grading crew is also refurbishing washboard and potholed dirt roads.

Please drive slowly if you need to pass by our crews while they're out working on the roads.

Click here to report a pothole using our online report and request tool.

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