There are two additional times for you to pick up your race packet and get your bib, goodie bag, and shirt. Our packet pick-up times are:

Friday, May 3. 10:30am to 7pm
Kenosha Civil War Museum, 5400 1st Ave, Kenosha, WI
(Please note, the Civil War Museum is next door to where we have hosted a pick-up location in the past.)

Saturday, May 4. 5:15am to 6:40am
Race site.


  • Picking up your packet beforehand is strongly encouraged.
  • Yes! Someone else can pick-up your packet for you. We recommend that they bring a copy of your confirmation email, just in case. (We recommend all people do that, actually. It is the only proof you have that you registered.)
  • Need your confirmation email? Get it HERE.
  • You can go to either of the locations above. You do not need to let us know ahead of time which one you are going to.
  • If you have not yet registered and sign-up for the race on the same day as a Packet Pick-up day, we will have your race packet available that day. Online registration will remain open until 6:35am on race morning.
  • No! Packets will not be at any of the pick-up locations outside of these times.
  • If you selected the packet mailing option, you should have your packet already.
  • Yes! You can switch out your shirt size as long as the size you are looking for is available. We are limited on sizes, but we do have some extras.
  • If you are planning on picking up your packet on race morning, be sure to arrive early. The later you arrive, the longer the line may be. 

Were you waiting until the last minute to register for the race?

This is it!

Online registration for the marathon, half marathon, and 5k is still open and will remain open until 6:35am on race morning.

Register now at

We are always in need of more volunteers on race day, be it on the course, at aid stations, or in any other capacities.

If you know someone that would like to help out, direct them to our VOLUNTEER PAGE and have them add their name. All volunteers get a Wisconsin Marathon cap and a ticket to our post-race party.

Now available online, our 2019 Official Race Program! Click the link above to get a glimpse of our Program complete with course maps, race information, and promotions from Kenosha area businesses.

There will be printed versions of the Program available at all our Packet Pick-ups and on race morning.

Time/ Location:
Marathon, Half Marathon, and 5k: 7:00am. Start line is located in front of the Kenosha Civil War Museum, on Ring Road at 54th. Please be at the start line by 6:45AM. The marathon course will be open until 1:30pm.

Any runner going slower than 6:30 overall marathon time, 3:15 for a half marathon, or 60 minutes for the 5k (approx 15:00 minutes a mile for the marathon/ half or 19:00 minutes per mile for the 5k) may be moved to the sidewalk in some areas. Our volunteers, course marshals, aid station workers, and police are all on a time schedule and are to take down their areas based on this time frame. 

Race Program:
Take a peak at our RACE PROGRAM for extra race weekend details.
Be sure to check our Rules and Regulations page before race day.
·      Course time limit is 6:30 for the marathon and 3:15 for the half marathon.
·      No strollers, baby joggers, bikes, rollerblades, or pets allowed on the course.
·      You are not allowed to give your race bib to another person. If they get hurt, we think they are you.
·      No bandits!

Chip Timing:
Our race uses B-Tag timing chip technology. The timing chip for the race is on the back of your bib. Do not remove the chip. Wear your race bib flat on your front. Do not crumple or fold the timing chip.
Our race does not offer text alerts, but you can see when your runner hits on-course our timing mats by searching for their name and info at our TRACKING LINK . For spectator information, click HERE. If you are curious, we have found that if people want to spectate the marathon and want to get to several different places on the course, a bike is usually more convenient.   
Check out Cheer Zone on 6th Ave, north of 54th. Live music by The Pheromones will be playing while the runners are on course. You can also head over to Southport Park (miles 15 and 24, corner of 78th and 2nd) and hangout with DJ RixMix
Gear Check:
Gear Check is located in Celebration Park, just west of the starting area. Please secure the pull tab from your bib number to your bag. (Safety pins work best. Tape doesn't work well, at all.) We are not responsible for any damaged or lost items, so do not check anything of high value. 
All Cheese Start Corral:
Anyone can enter the All Cheese Start Corral . To enter, participants must wear something with cheese on it. You must be in the corral by 6:40am.
Course Map:
Be sure to review the course map beforehand: Several versions here
All distances start at the same time and share the course for roughly 1.3 miles. The 5k will turn left after about 1.3 miles and head to the finish. Marathoners and half marathoners will share the course for roughly 12.8 miles. When the course splits, marathoners will turn left onto the lakefront path, circle the park past the finish area and head south. Half Marathoners will finish straight. PAY ATTENTION TO THE SIGNS AND VOLUNTEERS! If you just follow the person in front of you, your race may be much shorter or longer than you anticipated.
Aid Stations:
Aid stations are stocked with Gatorade and water. (Water only for the 5k aid station.) Clif Shots will be provided at the Mile 19.3 station. Port-a-potties and medical support will also be available. Locations can be found HERE
If you must drop out of the race, please go to the nearest aid station and tell the station leader you are exiting the race. Official aid stations will be marked with signs and volunteers will be wearing Wisconsin Marathon caps. Any support you see along the course that does not have these have not been set up by the race and you accept any handouts at your own risk.
If you are participating in the 5k , the start line is the same as the marathon's start line. There will be an aid station near mile 1.5. The finish is the same as the marathon's finish line. 5k runners will receive a finishers ribbon at the end. 
Post Race Party:
All runners will receive one beer and one brat at our post race party. Pull tab from race number must be present to redeem food and drink. You must be over 21 for beer. You will have a choice between 26.2 Brew and Truly Hard Seltzer. (ID may be required if you look younger than 21.) Please follow signs to help move things along. There are no additional food items to purchase at the race site. Please check out the shops, cafes, and restaurants in downtown Kenosha and bring your race program and bib with you for special deals.
The medals have separate ribbons that say "half marathon" and "marathon." The color of the ribbon matches the color of your bib, so the volunteers at the finish line should be easily able to figure out which medal you earned. (Yellow for the marathon, purple for the half.) Please try to double check that you received the correct medal before you leave, just in case. New medals will not be mailed out if you walked away with the wrong one. (Volunteers aren't perfect, especially with 2,000 runners coming at them. Please try to help them congratulate you.) 5k runners will receive a finisher ribbon.

The medals have a bottle opener on them, yes! It is blended in with the rest of the medal, so not immediately noticeable, but it is made from the "W" in "Wisconsin."

Mittens Challenge: 
If you are participating in the Mittens Challenge, you will receive your mittens at packet pick-up. If, for some reason, you did not, please go to the Runner Info Tent after the race. Of course, have a safe drive to Michigan!
MyTeam Triumph Teams:  
The MyTeam Triumph teams will begin the race about three minutes after the last marathon/ half marathon/ 5k runners clear the start line. (Roughly 7:08am.) Please line up at the back and the announcer will release you when it is time to go. 

Showers Available:
Showers will be available at the Kenosha YMCA after the race. The Y is located at 7101 53rd Street in Kenosha. The team locker rooms are available, so please note that they are not individual stalls. Runners will need to show their race bib for entry and will need to provide their own towel.

Directions to Race Site (from I-94):
FROM SOUTH (Chicago): Exit at Highway C/ Wilmot Rd (exit 345) and go east. Turn right onto Hwy 50/ 75th Street. Follow Hwy 50 into Kenosha. Make a left (North) onto Sheridan Road. Make a right (East) onto 54th Street. Race site is at 54th Street and 1st Ave. Parking info is below.
FROM NORTH (Milwaukee): Exit at WI-158 E/ 52nd Street (Exit 342) and go east. Make a right (South) onto Sheridan Road. Make a left (East) onto 54th Street. Race site is at 54th Street and 1st Ave. Parking info is below.
Need additional directions? Make your Destination Search the Kenosha Convention and Visitors Bureau, which is in downtown Kenosha, 812 56th Street. The race site is at the Kenosha Civil War Museum, 5400 1st Ave., Kenosha, WI. (There is no parking at the museum.)
Parking Information can be found  HERE . All parking will be in the downtown Kenosha area, west of 7th. It is about a 10 minute walk from downtown Kenosha to the start line. There is NO PARKING at the museum's lot.

Please note, there is construction just north and south of Kenosha on I-94. Remember to allow for a couple extra minutes, just in case.

- There is an old Boy Scout Camp saying: "I don't swim in your toilet, you don't pee in my lake." Remember folks, we love the cities of Kenosha and Pleasant Prairie and are very thankful to them for allowing us to put this race on and to help you reach your goals. We want to keep these cities, this state, and this planet clean.
- Please remember to use the garbage cans along the course and at the start/ finish area. The world is not your trash can. Please keep our cities and our planet clean. (This is especially true for any gel packets you may use while running.) 
- In addition to trash cans, all the course marshals have been given bags to collect any trash you might need to get rid of- gel packets, etc- along the course. You have no excuse to throw trash on the ground at any time. Again, please keep our neighborhoods clean!

- While we understand that sometimes your friends and family members may want to run with you along parts of the course, please remind them that if they do, they need to be extra mindful of the other runners on the course that are there to run the race. Also, please remind them that since they are not registered participants, we have not planned for them to be out there and if they take water or Gatorade at any of the aid stations, it is the same as stealing. They are not only taking items from the race, but they are also taking away items that have been reserved and paid for by for the runners behind them.

- Please note that although our course is closed, we do run through a lot of residential neighborhoods and cannot put a course marshal on everyone's driveway. Be on the lookout for any vehicles that may end up on the course. You have the right of way, but remember, a car is bigger than you are.

- Be awesome to each other.

As of 10:03am on 4/29, the forecast for Kenosha at race time is 44 degrees at the start with a high of 59. Partly cloudy skies.

Please take this into consideration when racing. The forecast keeps changing day to day, so be prepared for anything. If it starts to get warm/ humid, please be aware of what the temps and conditions are doing and can do to your body when planning your race strategy. Also, be sure to make note of the locations of the AID STATIONS

Educating yourself beforehand on the three major forms of heat illnesses will only provide you with the ability to protect yourself and to help fellow runners. All forms of heat illness (heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke) can be exacerbated by distance running in warmer climates. Heat Stroke is a life threatening illness. We recommend that you take a moment to review the symptoms of these illnesses. (Those are good things to know anyway.) 

Dear Wisconsin Marathon/Half/5K Participants,

Congratulations! Stepping up to the starting line of a race is an accomplishment already. You should take confidence in knowing that you have already put in the hours of training. Stick with your race plan, nutrition, and hydration routines. Be prepared to adjust your race plan as race-day conditions can change. Spring weather in Wisconsin can be highly variable and is notoriously unpredictable. Wear sunscreen. Pay attention to the weather and any possible challenges it might pose, including heat, cold, wind, or other severe weather. Plan with your support team when and where you will meet after your race and know how to get in contact with them.
We seek to provide a safe and healthy environment for every athlete to perform their best on race day. If you are ill or injured it is best not to run. Severe exertion during or after any kind of fever is extremely dangerous. Do not take chances with your health. If you find yourself needing to withdraw during the race, find the nearest aid station or bike medic and they will be able to assist you. Aid stations are positioned strategically throughout the course. Bicycle Medics will also be following along on course.

Plan for success! Have a fun, safe, and great race!

Dr. John Pick-Jacobs, DO
Wisconsin Marathon Medical Director

After the race, you can go to the results page at for race results or click the link below. Results will be posted by 5pm on race day.

There is also a Results Tent where you can get a printout of your time.
A link for athlete tracking can be found HERE . It will let your friends know when you have passed by a couple of the timing mats we have on course.

The top three runners in each race will receive their awards as they cross the finish line. Remember, if you are aiming for a top three finish, the top runners are awarded their prizes based on the order they cross the finish line (gun time) and not their chip time.
Sports In Motion will be on site taking pictures before, during, and after the race. Pictures will be posted on their site within a week after the race. Go to this link to see your pictures: SIM PHOTOS

Okay everyone, we know "Avengers: Endgame" came out this last weekend and we know a good chunk of the population is going to eventually see it. Not everyone saw the movie opening weekend, so we are declaring a No Spoiler Zone for the race. Okay? Okay.

Is it your first time to Kenosha ? Check out everything is has to offer on race morning. Look for Kenosha's Local Ambassadors around downtown to ask for directions and where things are located in the city. They are awesome people that love to talk about their town. 

Running a marathon takes months of training and dedication.

Watching one takes a lot of preparation, too.

Spectator info is available on our website . Send it over to your support crew and help them plan their cheering schedule. 
*This email has been sent to all current and former runners of the Wisconsin Marathon. It is not a confirmation email for the 2019 race. Please be sure you are registered for the race before arriving at packet pick-up or on race day. If you have any questions about the race or your registration, please feel free to email Jonathan at