Fall leaf season is in full swing and it appears that leaf drop is a little bit ahead of the typical schedule. The stormy weather we have had over the past few weeks has leaves flying and our crews busy. For the remainder of November, leaf removal will dominate our priorities. This is the time each year when it is hard to keep up. It can sometimes be hard to tell if we were even at a site as the leaf drop covers up our cleanup work within hours. As shown above, we cleaned up this property last Tuesday and by Wednesday morning, there were as many leaves down as we had just picked up. It is often hard to tell that we had visited and removed leaves on many properties due to the heavy leaf drop.
Be confident that we are being diligent right now, visiting most properties weekly and removing the leaves on the most important areas and focusing on bulk removal. We have the best equipment with over 40 trailer leaf vacuums to make it quick work. We also work Saturdays during this season to take advantage of empty parking lots.  We don't worry too much on details until the leaves are all down as too detailed of cleanup is a waste of time and short lived while the leaves continue to fall.