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April 5, 2019

Spring is upon us, and I am especially excited about PortSide is growing in step with the season. In January, PortSide presented a business plan to the NYC Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) for building space next to our ship, the MARY A. WHALEN, in the Atlantic Basin, and we are working on ramp up plans. Please check out the business plan here

This is a big deal for us. If we get this all-weather space, we can finally offer year-round programming and expand programs to include ones we've heard the community wants--boatbuilding, exhibits, marine career info, community space, and more.

To help PortSide ramp up, you can support us in several ways:
  • Email a message of support to Allison Dees at the NYCEDC saying why you would like PortSide to get this building space. Please cc: us at chiclet@portsidenewyork.org
  • Join our board and/or refer likely targets. We will soon vote in new members and are interested in growing and diversifying our current roster
  • Help plan fun and meaningful events and join a fundraising committee
  • Volunteer! Our office is always on the lookout for helpful skills, including experience with Salesforce and QuickBooks projects
  • Make a donation. PortSide does a lot with a little, but your contributions truly keep us afloat
Business aside, it will soon be warm enough to enjoy TankerTime aboard the MARY, and we hope to see you on-deck in the coming weeks. In the meantime, enjoy our latest news and events info below.

As always, thanks for your support!
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Founder & President
PortSide NewYork

NYC Boating: The Game!

Calling all boat operators. Frustrated with how hard it is to get a permit, a berth, or share the city's waterways? Share your stories during an evening of creative  commiseration. Our goal is to create a board game that makes NYC boat impediments understandable to the non-boat public, so we can raise awareness of what's blocking maritime activity in this area. The resulting game will be made available to use at your sites or in your presentations. Note: it could take several sessions to collect our collective wisdom. Good thing we're offering free pizza (but BYOB) each time. RSVP here.

NYCBoatLife Board Game Night
Wednesday, April 24th, 2019 @ 7-9 p.m.
Aboard the MARY A. WHALEN (directions)
Program Updates 

First graders from PS 676 love learning via binoculars after their regular reading classes aboard.

PortSide's relationship with PS 676  grows!
In October 2018, PortSide began working with the PS 676 staff to develop programs that speak to their students' needs and interests, and we're proud to report that our relationship continues to blossom with this K-5 school that serves Red Hook's public housing residents. Read More 

Celebrating African American Maritime Heritage
The cold weather did not keep us from celebrating the contributions of African American mariners during February's Black History Month. For lacking building space, we ran all-digital programs that covered topics like food history, whaling, and Staten's Island Sandy Ground-the oldest continuously-settled, free black community in the U.S. Read More 

Our Advocacy Endeavors
Join us in trying to save Red Hook's historic S.W. Bowne Grain Storehouse. The 123-year-old building located on Smith between Creamer and Bay Streets has been the victim of arson, illegal demolition, and more. Its most recent threat comes from a developer who wants to turn it into residential towers. Learn more about its history and sign the petition to save #HistoricBowne in our e-museum Red Hook WaterStories.

Meanwhile in the Bronx, something we have long advocated for is happening: the NYCEDC released an RFP for maritime distribution out of Hunts Point. Responses are due June 7.  Way back in 2006, we proposed this very thing during  testimony at a City Council hearing on the misunderstood topic of our  working waterfront.  We update our earlier POV by suggesting that the "last mile" e-commerce warehouses proposed for Red Hook look into receiving their freight by water to eliminate truck trips in one direction. How those warehouses will truck packages out of Red Hook once the BQE repair shuts down the cantilever in Brooklyn Heights is another issue we think needs a solution. 

She's Ready for Her Close-up   

The MARY A. WHALEN that is. Tell all your friends in the photo, TV and film biz that we now have a location manager, Sallie Slate. Our historic tanker has already been featured in magazines such as Nylon and GQ, as well as the documentary  Charlotte Rampling: The Look . Where will we see MARY next?
Gallery: Winter Highlights

  Students at PS 676 and members of the "Green Team" ride the NYC Ferry during a recent field trip. More on that soon.

TankerTime, a free activity open to the public, gets intimate during the winter as folks jam into--and in--the galley.

PortSide presented at the New York Digital Maritime Heritage Floating Conference.

This is...Maritime Jeopardy! Crew members and guests participate in a game created and run in Franglais (French-English) by creative consultant Nicolas Anderson.

Don't let the photo fool you. During a kid's birthday party, these youngsters were less interested in the cake than their game of flashlight around the ship.

When the padlocks froze, our historic stove warmed them right up. Can you believe the stove's patent turned 100 years old in October? Talk about chilling.

Our hero: Richard Evans insulated the fidley (the big central space above the engine room) from the outside. This keeps the ship warm enough for winter school programs without altering the look of the interior, while reducing our carbon footprint. Now, we just hope it lowers summer office temperatures to below 90 degrees.

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