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Try on a Disbility  



"Try on a Disability" is on sale through our website and available for purchase at $20 plus shipping and handling.  


This DVD is a wonderful educational piece that can be used in companies, by architects and designers. In schools, or at clubs and associations. It's less than an hour long, and it tells a very powerful story.


Please go to our website
to purchase, or call Zosia at


to order. 

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Keep current with all our upcoming events by checking the calendar on our website!

Contact us:
Langley Pos-Abilities Society
#80 - 2270 196th St
Langley, B.C. V2Z 1N6

Hope is 

Not A Plan


The video, "Hope is Not A Plan" is now available on the website, in our blog and at This film should be required viewing for everyone, whether you have a disability or not. Why, you ask? Simple. Most of us will, at some time in our lives, become disabled in some way. The fact is that those of us with disabilities have no civil rights when compared to those of us who are not disabled. This should resonate with every Canadian. No disability? Your time may come. Do you want your rights? Watch the video.


An election is almost on us, and we need to discuss civil rights for people with disabilities with politicians. People with disabilities do not have a way to enforce civil rights in British Columbia, or indeed anywhere in Canada. This must change!  


View the video. Pass the link around. It's less than an hour long, and it can have a huge, and a positive, impact - if enough people see it!  



Spring has Sprung!


OK, it sprung a while ago, but our newsletter editor has snow pockets in his yard that look like really dirty West Highland Terriers lurking under the bushes. And it snowed on him a couple of days ago, so his spring has, well, we can't call it "sprung" yet.


Too bad for him. On to important things! And we have a lot to cover!





OK, this is an odd thing to start off with, but we need two games. Two specific games that are no longer available in stores.


First, we need an "OPERATIONS" game. Has to work, has to be complete or close to complete. We hope to get a few that we can combine for a complete game and some spare parts


And we need a "BARREL OF MONKEYS" game. Like the Operations game, we need a complete game. Again, we hope for a few to combine into one plus parts.


These games will be used for our "Try On A Disability" event. Win "Operations" blindfolded. Yeah, sure you can. Uh huh. How about winning "Barrel of Monkeys" wearing oven mitts. I got twenty bucks... 


Never mind, just go and check the attic or wherever you might have squirreled these things away after the kids grew up. Oh, again, we'll gratefully accept more than one of each. There's nothing like having lots of spare parts!





We have had to postpone the Pub Night due to all kinds of things happening that night/weekend. Too many conflicts, too many people asking us to switch the night. So we did. It's been moved to:

SATURDAY MAY 30 at 5 PM (Dinner at 6:30)

Everything else (except the original hockey game theme) remains the same. We're back at the Artful Dodger Pub once again. Good grub, good drinks, good times, good company and good staff. It doesn't get much better! (2364 - 200 Street, in case anyone forgot).

We'll have auctions, door prizes and raffles, and other thing that we'll plan in the interim and we'll tell you about as they pop up. And, again, a s usual, we can use your help to make the night a success:

As we previously announced, we will be holding a "Try On A Disability " event later this year - an event with a special twist!
Several prominent able-bodied members of the Langley community have agreed to remain confined to a wheelchair for 12 hours! That is a huge commitment. on their part to help support our cause. 

Their days will be individually recorded on video by aspiring filmmakers from Kwantlen Community College. That's also a huge commitment.
At our annual "Day of Possibilities" in Langley on July 11, 2015, the volunteers will speak about their experiences and the student winner of the best video will be awarded a scholarship to be used to further his or her education, or to pay for necessary equipment.
I have included links to two information and application packages, one for The Challengers, complete with Pledge Forms. and one for the Student Filmmakers. Here they are:




We need some businesses to step up and sponsor the scholarships for these young filmmakers. Sponsoring a scholarship is always a positive thing for any business. If you are someone, or if you know someone, who would be willing, please contact me or any Board member. A sponsorship package is at this link:


TOAD Sponsorship 





The AGM will be held on:


MONDAY JUNE 8 at 12:00 NOON at the
20605 51B AVENUE


Reservations are required due to catering requirements. We need to hear from everyone who will be attending.


We also must stress that Memberships must be paid before the meeting. I have attached the Membership Form. Please fill it in and submit it with your Membership Fee:


Membership Form 


It can be filled in on line or printed and filled in off line.





We are planning a Dining in the Dark event for Friday October 30. These events have been incredibly successful all over North America, as they are both a lot of fun and very educational as well. We'll keep you posted on this one. We expect it to sell out very quickly, so watch this space!





The wonderful people at The Artful Dodger have come up with a new cocktail they call



How cool is that! 


It's made with cognac, peach schnapps and cranberry (editor's note: drooling over here in the frozen east). A portion of the sale of each drink will be donated to LPAS every month! Next time you're in Artful Dodger territory, pop in and try one. Or four. (Don't drink and drive! Just drink!)





After you recover from those Pos-Abilities cocktails, it's time to grow some veggies. Or herbs. Whatever, growing stuff is great!


DIGA is the Disabled Independent Gardeners Association, a non-profit group who offer garden spaces in community gardens, roll-under table-top gardens, workshops on creative use of fresh produce and instruction on what and when to plant during the season. 


One of the best parts of the whole experience is getting out and making new friends.


Read their newsletter here, or go to and check them out!





Organizations like ours not only thrive on the selflessness and commitment of our volunteers, we could never exist without them. Whether a few minutes a month or several hours a day, our volunteers are the life-blood on what we, and so many organisations like us, exist. 


Volunteering is so important that workshops and seminars are being put together to help organizations like LPAS get more volunteers -- and retain them.


A seminar is happening at the Langley Seniors Resource Centre:


Have a look at the


Not For Profit Volunteer Recruitment Flyer


for information on a Volunteer RR+R (recruitment, recognition and retainment) seminar happening on
Wednesday May 6, 2015

Langley volunteer recruitment
superstars  will share their processes on where they find volunteers, how they train them, how they recognize them, and ( really important ) how they  retain  them!

A continental breakfast is included.

Contact the Langley Chamber of Commerce at or call them at 604-530-6656 for more info.




Phew! That was a BIG newsletter. Thanks for reading, thanks for helping. If you have any questions or comments on any of these items, please contact a board member. 


I hope to see you at the events listed, and we truly appreciate your efforts in helping us to make them a success.


All the best,