We should help and support one another and strive for peace and union among ourselves. 
St. Vincent de Paul
September is
St Vincent de Paul Month!

Join us Monday September 27th for a
Feast of St. Vincent de Paul Mass at 7:00pm with a reception at Holy Family Community Center in the Chapel.
1715 Izard St. Enter on 18th at the blue doors.
Spiritual Reflection- Another New Date
Save the date for the upcoming Spiritual Reflection,
now happening on Saturday November 13th
8:30am - 12:30pm at Holy Family.
Call the office to register: 402-779-8499.
ServWare Training Opportunity
Would you like to learn more about ServWare? Wondering how it fits in with the annual report? Learn about the different options that suit your conference the best and how you can save time completing the annual report.
Tuesday, September 14th at 2:00
Thursday, September 23 at 2:00
A Story from the Heart
"Sometimes you encounter a person during our interview process that you truly feel blessed to have met. That happened last Saturday with our volunteers. Dylan came into the hall while we were taking applications. I don't know how he found us. He really didn't know what he needed. He decided he could use some clothes. We proceeded to write him a voucher so he could get some clothes at the St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store down the street. During the process he shared that he was a meth baby and was in many foster homes growing up. Dylan is now 19. He couldn't believe what we were doing and why. One of our volunteers helped carry his pantry to his car and talked with him for an hour. This is what the volunteer shared, "Dylan seems very sincere in wanting to turn his life around and is very curious about the Church. I think today was an eye-opening experience for him. It was certainly an incredible blessing for me." It is almost as though Dylan has never been loved. He was feeling the love of Christ through us. Please keep Dylan, and all our neighbors, in your prayers. This is the whole reason why we do what we do. Your donations help us touch the lives of others in a meaningful way, not just material." Cindy Engelkamp
Another Neighbor Supported
We recently had an unusual request for help during a necessary transition. Here is the lovely message of thanks we received:
"Omg you ur 👼 i swear! Thank you for saving whats left of my life now i know he hears me i just needed one miracle to not give up. Bless you and yours truly i waant sure anymore if there were still people with souls among us! Im almost there now just gotta get my keys and im finally safe inside my own four walls again!"

When you donate to the Society, you are helping people in all kinds of emergency situations. People who just need a friend and a bit of help to get to the next step in life.
Thanks for supporting us in this mission!
Food Day Omaha 2021
We were so honored to be nominated for a Food Day Omaha award this year. It is an amazing group of local food heroes we are thrilled to be counted among. Look for the full week of events at: https://www.fooddayomaha.com/food-day-2021
You can still vote for us
Leavenworth Location Reopening Soon!
Please note that our Leavenworth location, which houses our Food Pantry, Thrift Store and Warehouse will be reopening SOON! Please check our website for updates:
A huge shout out to our Pantry Manager Gillian, who recently took a message requesting help with food for a family with no transportation. Even though the Pantry has been closed for renovations and mostly cleaned out of products for now, she took the time to find and dust off some dry goods and then bought perishable staples and delivered it all to them herself. Thank you so much for going above and beyond!
Check out our new store at 123rd & Center!

In Westwood Plaza
12301 West Center Rd

Mon-Sat 9am-8pm
Sun 12pm-5pm

Too much stuff? Need to reorganize before school starts? Want to support us but don't have the cash? Drop off donations
or call us to schedule a pick up!
Store Donation Pickup: 
Call Monday - Friday 9am-5pm to schedule 402-341-1688
With the Pantry closed for renovations, we have been blessed with gorgeous produce grown by our Garden Angels at the Pantry Garden for our Sack Lunch Program. It is making these lunches we distribute extra hearty, healthy, and delicious.
We can't thank you enough for this amazing bounty!
New Street Outreach Locations!
We are now taking sack lunches to Generation Diamond in South Omaha weekly and Omaha Street School in North Omaha monthly.
In order to keep delivering these lunches though, we need to replace our cargo vans. If you are interested in helping with that, let us know at: hfministries@svdpomaha.com
Rehearsal Help Needed at Holy Family
Have you ever wanted a sneak peek behind the scenes of a play? We are looking for rehearsal room volunteers. Volunteers will help us make rehearsals for Stories: On the Brink more accessible for our community actors.
Monday - Friday evening and Saturdays, now through October 10th. Vaccinations and masks required.
Activities include: helping with health and safety protocols, organizing snacks and meals for community cast members and helping lead activities in our kids corner for children of our cast members. Email our Stage Manager Stephanie for more information - kidd.research.education@gmail.com
Time to Transplant Perennials!
If you have any perennials that can be divided, especially hostas, we can use them at Holy Family to keep improving the grounds. You can drop them off any time before 4:00 or we will even send someone out to dig them up for you! Email hfcare@svdpomaha.com to arrange a pick up.
Churchyard Community Garden
Thanks so much to our first West Center store volunteer! She has volunteered with us before "never had a bad experience...loves what we do for the community...helping those that need it the most". Thanks Maggie, we can't do it without people like you!
We need volunteers daily at the Stores to act as greeters in addition to hanging clothing and general cleaning and organizing. Reach out to our Volunteer coordinator if you can help out.
Report from our Garden Angels: "We had a great day at the garden today. Our new helpers from St.Pius were awesome!!! Gina and Damian helped to coordinate the work. Damian and the boys pulled the old wire fence, which made a huge difference in the garden's appearance. They cleaned up the sunflowers and weeds. Girls watered the beds really well. We pulled old cucumber plants and beans. There was not a lot to harvest for the pantry, but what we had available kids picked for their families to try."
Society of St. Vincent de Paul Omaha
1715 Izard St. Omaha, NE 68102