July 2022
Summer Newsletter
Total Active Investment Dollars : $89.8M
Total Active Investments : 1,115
Total Assets : $94M
Total Active Loans : 184
Total Active Loan Dollars : $66.3M
Loan Apps Received in 2nd Quarter : 12
President's Corner
As we close out the 11th full year of operations on June 30, 2022, we stand again in amazement of the progress of the Church Loan Fund. We give God the total thanks and praise for His anointing on the United Pentecostal Church Loan Fund.

The first investments were received the last week of June in 2011. One from an individual and one from a church with a total of $30,000 invested. Fast forward to the close of June 30, 2022, we have 1,115 investments that total $­­­­89.8M. We are again thankful to report from the first day of operation we have not had one default in a loan. This statistic is remarkable, and we thank our churches with loans for their faithfulness.

We also thank our investors for continuing to trust us with your investments. Without you we wouldn’t be able to have the finances to loan out to the Church. We continually hear stories of the growth of new souls baptized and spirit-filled because of new, expanded, or remodeled facilities.

Investments continue to come in as do the requests for loans. This last fiscal year has indeed been another year to give thanks! If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.

Stephen M. Drury, President
Lender's Report
With 40 new loans added in fiscal year 2022, the Church Loan Fund now has 184 active loans totaling just over $66 million. We were only $553,000 short of hitting our stretch goal of funding $15 million in new loans in FY22. Our pipeline of future loans is very strong with over $23 million in various stages of the process. The next fiscal year is gearing up to be a very strong year for loans. Although America appears to be entering a recessionary economic environment, God’s kingdom is still growing! We continue to be amazed at the works of His hands across our great fellowship!

Rick Lovall, Vice President & Senior Loan Officer
Offering Circular 2022-2023
Each year the Church Loan Fund, in coordination with our Board of Directors and securities legal counsel, prepares an updated Offering Circular. The Offering Circular is a compilation of useful information which is designed to educate and inform current and prospective investors on our fund and the securities offered. Some of the information in the Offering Circular includes updated audit information, history of the fund, details on our Board of Directors, and details on each investment option. All of our investors are entitled and encouraged to receive and read through the Offering Circular before investing with us.
The 2022-2023 Offering Circular was approved and published in May 2022, and is now available on our website for viewing at upciloanfund.org/forms. You can also click the image to the left. If you would prefer a physical copy for your records, please contact our office.
Church Highlight
Grace Point Church

By Pastor Lark Lewis

Grace Point UPC is in a season of rejoicing as God continues to rain down his blessings on our church! As a young minister, I came to High Point, North Carolina in January of 1984 with a strong burden to build a new work for the Lord. Our first church building was a little storefront on North Main Street. Although there were only seven souls in attendance for our first Sunday service, we were ready to see what God had in store for us!

After outgrowing our building, we purchased a new church building where we remained for the next fifteen years. We witnessed many miracles and souls filled with the precious gift of the Holy Ghost and baptized in Jesus Name over the years! Once again, we outgrew our building on Fraley Rd and in 2007, we purchased an old furniture show room and converted it over to a church. Each time we moved into a bigger building, God brought souls to fill them. It wasn't too long before we were over capacity at our building on Green Street. We began to pray for a building that would give us room to continue to grow. During this time, we had also started a private Christian school and desperately needed space to expand, as God was bringing more and more children to our school. We had several evangelists and preachers throughout the years that came to Grace Point and prophesied over our church. They all came with the same message; that God was going to do a miracle!
In 2019, I was driving around and passed a beautiful church campus in Archdale, North Carolina. I felt impressed by the Lord to speak out in faith that this large building would become ours. The church campus was not listed for sale at the time. I told God, "You can give us that building!" The Holy Ghost came upon me to proclaim it, "God give us that building!" Fast forward to a few months later, we came to that same church to purchase a table for our private Christian school. While there, we learned that they were putting the property up for sale.

Even though this four-acre campus with 40,000 square feet was way out of our budget, we felt that God had ordained this building for us! As a church, we began to pray and claim our miracle! We endured two years of what seemed like a roller coaster ride. The realtor would call and say the building was under contract, then the contract would fall through, and we would begin to hope again. Although this was a difficult time for our church, we began to drive over and walk around the property, speaking in faith and praying for God's will.
Even with the onset of Covid-19, and losing church members, we maintained our financial giving and continued to grow as a church. After two years of prayer and negotiation, we finally purchased our miracle building last year - a property that was appraised for over $3million dollars - for $1.5 million dollars! To God be the glory! God worked another miracle when we were introduced to the Church Loan Fund. They have been a true blessing to our church. Not only did they provide the funds to help us purchase the church, they assisted us with implementing a stewardship program that will help us pay off the church within two years. Every week, we hear from people in our congregation on how God is blessing them through their giving and sacrifice.
We've had church on our new campus for the past nine months. Our new building has a full-size gym for our school students, a fully furnished commercial kitchen, and a cafeteria area. At almost every service, we've seen new faces and people hungry for the word of God. We are believing that God is going to use this miracle to bring an abundance of hungry and hurting souls to our church! All of the glory and honor belongs to Him!

Check out Grace Point's Facebook page to keep up with their story!
Grace Point Church Exterior
Interior of the New
Grace Point Church
Investment Options
We know that you have many choices for investment in the world, but when you invest with us, you invest in the Kingdom. To date we've loaned out over $100 million to UPCI congregations across the United States. Helping these churches grow their reach and impact is our heartbeat, and we couldn't do it without you. Check out these investment opportunities below:

>Standard Certificates - Lock in your rate for 1, 3, or 5 years!

>Individual Retirement Accounts - Save for retirement!

>Coverdell Education Savings Accounts - Be ready for college expenses!

>Kingdom Impact Accounts - Flexible demand certificate!
>Kingdom Growth Certificates - 18-month term locked at 2.25%! New investors only, $1K minimum, $10K maximum deposit. Contact us for more info!
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