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Goddess Guidance 11/11/16 
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Twin souls heart-moon

November is here-and with it, we feel the pull to merge with our twin flames.

In a year when we have all been asked to dig deep and release, to heal and grow, I find it interesting there is a huge influx of "Twin Flame" connections.

Represented by the number 11, November has historically been a month when we are called to focus on our soul's work. The number 11 represents synchronicity. When we see it, or the number 1111, it's the Universe giving us a sign to focus, to look at what it is trying to call to us. It's also letting us know that we're on the right track.

To bring LOVE & HOPE in a year that has been perplexing to say the least, I offer you this blog note from LoveHasWon.Org...

You Are Heard - We want to help you release your fear of the future. 
You are important to us. never feel that your prayers for assistance are going unheard. We hear you. The help will come, please allow yourself to open up to receiving in possibly unexpected ways. Sometimes we need to work in roundabout ways to circumvent any blocks and resistance you may have. We want you to know that everything is OK. We want you all to know that what is coming is good. Fear of the future is a big theme in the collective energy fields right now. It is being stirred up for a reason. In these next few years many many people's lives will be changing - and in releasing the fear of the unknown the fear of the future that has been passed down to you for so many generations, we are helping to free you up to joyously expand and grow and pursue your bliss. Do your best to not "buy into" any fears that come up - resolve and release and clear. Fear is never truthful about you or your situation.
Shifting Life Circumstances
Twin Souls and Lightworkers all over the world are set to be moving homes, changing jobs, shifting their life situations. These are all answers to prayers received. Your souls changing their focus areas, as decided in advance. As is needed for you to pursue your mission, for Twin Souls to come together in the physical.
Much is set to change in the coming years. When things shift and you feel fear coming up, know this: it is a part of making room for what you have asked for. The puzzle pieces shifting and falling into place bit by bit.
We are in important times, friends. We do not desire to put pressure on you, but we know you are already feeling the shifts and changes to the energy fields and your own systems and timelines. We want you to understand why things may be shifting uncomfortably for you in this now moment - things are adjusting and opening up to make room for what you have asked for and what you planned for your journey.
Many of you have in recent years lost jobs, relationships have ended, relocation is on the cards. This is your soul shifting your situation around to open up to what you have asked and prayed for.
Staying Open - Allowing Change To Show Up
What we ask of you is this - stay open. Please do not fix your minds on how or when something will happen, because this puts up boundaries. Again we remind you that "divine timing" means when the energies are a match. So please stay as open as you can, keep the highest intentions - visualize your end goals of joy and love and harmony. But do not concern yourselves with how exactly you will get to that place to take until each step is revealed. You will know the "right" steps by the feeling given to you as they show up. They will have the sense of home. Lightness. The sense of what you decided before you came here. The "map" is already in you.
Many of you have been experiencing this, flashes of recognition of a place or a situation - what human beings refer to as "deja vu". Your inner knowing telling you "this is significant" - check points. More and more of this to come.
Dealing With the Physical Struggles of Ascension
Another issue we would like to share with you again is grounding. You came here to earth to evolve, to Ascend back into your spiritual limitlessness, to relinquish your earthly baggage and identity structures and reawaken into your full being as unlimited souls. Rising up. This is happening. More and more. The planet is receiving strong influxes of light, increasing this fall and onwards. This is good. Please do not worry. Your systems can handle it. What we ask of you, to integrate this powerful light in a way that benefits you and earth itself is to ground into the planet often. Every day, see yourselves rooting into the earth, into its core. This assists you in integrating new light influxes into your body systems so you avoid the pangs of growth, the dizziness, the uncomfortable release of emotions many of you have been experiencing. The physical struggles of Ascension need not be. Learn ways to manage your personal energy and emancipate yourselves, it will serve your journey positively.
The Shower of Light
Many Lightworkers and Twin Flames are unconsciously afraid of grounding - feeling afraid of being on earth, in a human body, feeling lost. We want you to know you are safe. You are supported. Please connect to the core of the planet to receive more support and strength energetically. Running energy is also very beneficial to flush out stagnant energies. A fast method is to visualize yourself standing in a shower of light and see any negativity flushed down the "drain" into the center of earth to be transmuted.
Walk Ins, Third Wave Twin Souls, Awakening "Sleepers"
Sleeper Twins are awakening rapidly both now and in this coming period. We can call them the "third wave" of beings. Some are coming in from the higher realms in soul exchanges as what has been referred to on earth as "walk ins." Again, this is outside of the realm of most human experience - we ask you to be open to all eventualities, in a positive sense. The fabric of your reality is shifting. More room is being made for uplifting coming in. The "third wave" of Twin Souls (many of whom are already in touch with you but have so far been unaware of their true soul identities - the so-called Unawakened Twins) are set to awaken even more rapidly than you yourselves did. Developments are increasing on all fronts. Many of these third wavers have been undergoing deep preparations behind the scenes in recent years - they are becoming ready to shed their resistance. To remember. To come home. Many "new" ones are coming in carrying important new light codes to benefit the rest of the Twin collective. In the midst of all these events we know you feel it. You sense that change is imminent. You feel it in your bones, in your hearts. All is well. That is our deepest message to you. You were a part of carefully engineering this time's powerful events before you came here. All is going in the desired direction.
Uncovering The Truth Of Love - Shifting Out of Illusion
Please remember to enjoy your lives. This is an adventure you are now on, and we are so excited for you for these coming years! More and more Twin Souls reuniting in energy - and further into the physical dimension.  We all root for you. Remember in your hearts what you came here for. Love. And the Love is already there. You have shifted so much of the illusion, so many of the human lies that were obstructing and covering up this love. Nearly there, dear ones. You have come so far. You will soon look back upon this time as an adventure like no other. We are so excited for you.
Moving Into "The Payoff Phase" - Bending Reality
These next few years are moving into the payoff phase. So much has happened to pave the way. Those of you who are already in union as souls are paving the way for the next wave and moving closer in the physical.
Those who are connecting with Twins who are Unawakened to their true selves will begin to experience shifts in their functioning, in their remembering and understanding. Keep interacting with them on the soul planes, as this strengthens the process of remembrance.
Things are now beginning to come into play which will begin to bend your previous perception of reality.
Synchronicity, collective Twin dreaming (where both twins in a pair share the same dream), collective Twin memory, Timelines shifting, coincidences and warping of reality you would not be able to explain with existing human facts.
Bridging The Gap - Unity In Love
You have been doing such wonderful work, dear ones, more and more of you are taking charge of your lives and energy fields and your minds and paving a golden path before you. Know that your work is paying off. We see you filling your energy fields with more and more love, removing the obstacles in your path. This is what you came here for. To be pioneers of love, to bridge the gap between people - between woman and man, between the higher and lower dimensions, between races, between ages, between countries and beliefs. You are succeeding amazingly. And for those who feel still stuck or left behind - it is an illusion. Look within and feel your power, shift into the light of all things and know that you are it. You are love. Every day affirm: "I am love. I am always loved. Love is who I am". This will find you. Aligning with your infinite light self. What you focus on, you get more of.
Energy Gateways - Powerful Light Influxes
Lastly, we remind you that the particular upcoming energy gateways. Strong impacts incoming, which may be stirring up old issues for many. Keep in mind that much of what you may struggle with is body related at this point. The human body is concerned for its survival, and it carries programming that dates back to the stone age and further.
Considering The Human Body - Source of Twin Blocks
So if you are facing difficulty with your Twin Soul, ask "How does this relate to body/survival?" These are the deepest issues you are working with now as we upgrade the physical structures to handle running higher and higher vibratory frequencies. To take you from the genetic programmed human body to the upgraded new "light body" which is truly more "you" as a soul. Awareness of body and genetics are helpful now. Then use your metaphysical methods and eradicate the fear based energies and patterns. Help is incoming. You have for a long time been "shut off" from the higher dimensions on earth because of entrenched energies of fear in the collective. The gap is being bridged more and more between you and us. This is opening up now. We will be able to assist you more and more in coming years. You knew this when you went "under" to live your human experience. All is well dear ones, and we see so much joy in your future. Keep your intentions high, take charge of your experience and your thoughts.
Be mindful of what you read/watch/take in/engage with - and live with as much excitement as you can muster, to attract more and more positivity for your forward path.
We stand with you always on this important journey, and we commend you on your efforts!
Yours always,
Archangel Michael and the Archangels of Light.
NOV 11  
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